Oddly enough, the union battle in Wisconsin, which has the added element of Pres. Obama and the DNC entering, adds a U.S. labor element to workers rising up from Tunisia to Egypt to Bahrain and even Libya.

Col Muammar Gaddafi is the longest-serving leader in the Arab world. Protests are not allowed in Libya, but on the energy of the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions cries of freedom have broken out, along with counter protests.

Meanwhile, it’s gotten bloody in Bahrain. Nick Kristoff tweets:

Patients pouring into ER, along w tear gas . Chaos. Tr gas grenades thudding in bckground

People attacking him on Twitter:

HayaAlfa Hayaa AlFadhel @NickKristof Stop spreading lies! where were u when 200,000 Bahraini went to celebrate our king peacefully! you’re a disgrace to reporters!

From Al Jazeera English:

Troops and tanks have locked down Manama, the Bahraini capital, and a ban has been announced on public gatherings as pro-reform supporters bury their dead, a day after a violent security crackdown.

Tanks and armoured personnel carriers were patrolling the streets of Manama on Friday, where checkpoints have been set up by the country’s military.

Riot police using clubs and tear gas broke up a crowd of protesters in the city’s financial district in a pre-dawn swoop on Thursday, killing at least four people.

Al Jazeera’s correspondent, who cannot be named for security reasons, reported from Manama on Friday that thousands of people observed the funerals of three people killed in the police raid on the protesters’ tents in the city’s Pearl Roundabout area.

In Egypt, the banned cleric was allowed back into Tahrir Square to lead Friday prayers. It was the day of the “victory march.”

For the first time since he was banned from leading weekly friday (sic) prayers in Egypt 30 years ago, prominent Muslim scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi will lead thousands in the weekly prayers from Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Friday.

Sources told Al Arabiya that a military force will accompany the head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars from his home to Tahrir Square, provide security for the prayers and accompany him back to his residence.

Richard Engel in Bahrain, which sounds like a harrowing place to be fighting right now. Tweets:

Reports a group from a funeral decided to march to pearl.. Shot as they approached

In Yemen, today is being observed as the “Friday of Fury.”

The New York Times reported earlier today that Mir Hussein Moussavi is missing in Iran.

The daughters of the missing opposition leader, Mir Hussein Moussavi, told an opposition Web site that they had had no word from either of their parents since Tuesday and feared they had been detained. Security forces have surrounded their home, and all communications have been cut.

TM Note: The picture above came from Twitter, original source unknown.