Rep. Ron Paul ended up the darling of CPAC with 30% of the vote, Romney getting 23%.

Ann Coulter decided to weigh in and actually delivered some sense. From The Hill:

Asked in a Q&A session after a bombastic speech at CPAC what she thought of the 2012 field of hopefuls, Coulter initially hesitated, but went on to essentially deliver an endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose,” said Coulter, eliciting cheers from the crowd.

There’s real love for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on the Right. He’s a constant topic on “Morning Joe,” with Scarborough a Christie believer. He’s not alone and says he’s not running. Smart, because 2016 is the move.

But no Republican has declared himself a candidate for ’12, with the Sarah Palin factor part of the issue. But the Right’s real challenge is finding someone who can win the primary challenge and go on to beat Pres. Obama. Right now Republicans don’t have a contender, not yet, no matter how many times Mr. Paul wows CPAC.

Oh, and did you hear the joke about Tim Pawlenty criticizing Pres. Obama on Egypt? Oh wait, that’s not a joke it actually happened. …because Mr. Pawlenty is such a Mideast expert.

I’m grateful the Republicans are getting a slow start on ’12. As Tim Pawlenty proves, they’re going to be absolutely insufferable once it begins.