When I read the New York Times story last week about union bonds fraying, starting with the headline, it felt like one of those Politico stories with the set up in front. Keith Olbermann lays out the Times for it today.

Few news stories better spoke to the destruction of union solidarity and the realization that even those public employees collectively bargaining in Wisconsin were going to have to give something back, than the New York Times’ piece a week ago tomorrow titled “Union Bonds In Wisconsin Begin To Fray.”

The by-line was shared by no less than Arthur G. Sulzberger, the son of the publisher and official carrier of the Times’ family name. The piece ran prominently on the front page. Sulzberger himself interviewed the main “˜get’ in the piece. Beyond the mere reporting was the symbolism of the Times – even the sainted liberal media Times “” throwing in the towel on the inviolability of unions, conceding that an American state could renege with impunity on a good faith contract with anybody, and that maybe the Right is right every once in awhile.

Problem is, A.G. Sulzberger’s featured disillusioned unionist interviewee”¦wasn’t in a union.

[…] This clear picture of a bunch of agendas happily coinciding “” “˜Sulzberger! Find me a Wisconsin union guy who agrees with the Governor!’ “” and to hell with the facts or the fact-checking or the spelling, with the truth coming to light only from “” gasp! “” an actual union guy (from the devil UAW itself!), has been reduced to a “PS, the publisher’s kid kinda screwed up on the most important domestic news story of the moment” instead of serving as the springboard for something fair, or even useful “” maybe a front-page piece about the disinformation war being waged by Governor Walker and the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party in Wisconsin and whether or not this Hahan/Hahn was part of it, intentionally or inadvertently.

TinyRevolution (h/t Digby) caught the part that coincides with the Koch call that punk’d Gov. Walker. Read it, you’ll love it, but here’s a teaser from Jonathan Schwarz:

For me the best part of the Scott Walker prank call is how much he loves a New York Times article:

SCOTT WALKER: The New York Times, of all things”“I don’t normally tell people to read the New York Times, but the front page of the New York Times, they’ve got a great story”“one of these unbelievable moments of true journalism”“what it’s supposed to be, objective journalism”“they got out of the capital and went down one county south of the capital, to Janesville, to Rock County, that’s where the General Motors plant once was.

A great story about unions fraying. Only thing is it wasn’t “objective journalism” at all and the fraying being reported was really concocted. It was about the prince of the Times’ family wanting to co-opt Walker’s agenda to bash unions again.

Will the real liberals please stand up?