“He has to get out…We will soon see the fall of this regime.” – Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya’s deputy ambassador to UN on Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera’s reporting today on Libya has been harrowing, with several of Moammar Gadhafi’s own ambassadors in stations around the world resigning. The Arab League is having an “emergency meeting” tomorrow to discuss the situation, which Bloomberg is now reporting. Nouri Masood El Mesmari, Gaddafi’s Secretary of Protocol has also resigned.

If ever there was a time for correspondents, news agencies and foreign policy writers across the world to press the Arab League for more vocal admonishments to the carnage being waged in Libya this is it. Egypt’s revolution shifted the Arab world on its axis, with Arab leaders across the region needing to be more involved and vocal instead of turning to the United States to step in, which is an impossible task given the complexities.

For one, Silvio Berlusconi’s role in Gadhafi’s kingdom, as well as Italy’s large Libyan ex-pat community, because of proximity, as well as early colonialization. The Italian Prime Minister has called Gadhafi’s actions “unacceptable,” saying he’s “alarmed” by the marauding mercenaries Gadhafi has set on Libyan civilian protesters, but that’s hardly enough.

An activist on Al Jazeera said he wanted to see “blue helmets” in Libya, asking for real United Nations’ action. It’s clear the world organization is not prepared for the great dictatorial unraveling we’re seeing commence. This same activist also revealed impatience with the ongoing “condemnation” from the world, asking when action would be applied.

From the New York Times:

By Monday afternoon, a witness saw armed militiamen firing on protesters who were clashing with riot police. As a group of protesters and police officers faced off in a neighborhood near Green Square, in the capital, Tripoli, ten or so Toyota pickup trucks carrying more than 20 men in mismatched fatigues arrived at the scene.

Holding small automatic weapons, they started firing in the air, and then at the protesters, who scattered, the witness said. “It was an obscene amount of gunfire,” said the witness. “They were strafing these people. People were running in every direction.” The police stood by and watched, the witness said, as the militiamen, still shooting, chased after the protesters.

There is so much conflicting information, with Twitter a wild place right now, because there is no confirming news source on the ground in Libya. Quite a few tweets being logged and retracted as quickly as the feed moves. Many of the tweets coming straight from information out of Al Jazeera’s broadcasting, because sourcing and confirmation is crippled due to the media blackout by Gadhafi.

Earlier this afternoon there were reports of two senior colonel military pilots landing in Malta asking for asylum, which Al Jazeera featured in pictures, after they were ordered to bomb protesters in Tripoli, which they refused to do.

There may not be open media coverage, but one can only imagine if this is the way Gadhafi is going out that there will be much to sift through after his forty year reign ends, whenever that comes. Examples of murderous killings must come with warnings, so if you click on these links please be very prepared for the worst: shots of half-bodies and head shots, via Andy Carvin of NPR. It’s impossible not to imagine what horrors will eventually be found in Gadhafi’s wake.

Yet another “war on terrorism” ally is on the brink. Again, at what price these friends?