The poll found that 61% would oppose a law in their state similar to one being considered in Wisconsin, compared with 33% who would favor such a law.USA Today

You sit down across from your boss to negotiate a raise or change in your benefits. It’s basic fairness. But tonight in Gov. Walker’s address he threatened to fire workers if they don’t give that right up. Former Republican Governor Mitch Daniels and Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott disagree with Gov. Walker. Mitch Daniels and Rick Scott understand the larger picture, but right now we’re all being whipsawed by elements who don’t.

You can’t fight an ideological war if you don’t suit up with a message. It’s even harder when you don’t know you’re in one.

I recently wrote on the Right’s war against women, a compilation post cross-posted at The Moderate Voice, which included the video shown here (in case you missed it), and that Egypt’s revolution was in inspired by liberalism. Both were included in my newsletter I sent out to people who have voluntarily signed up to receive it. The reactions from some readers and a few newsletter recipients was stunning, though nothing surprises me anymore.

From JennyM:

You’re fighting a losing battle. Liberalism wants to control what we eat (michelle obama controlling salt), the air we breathe (carbon tax which isn’t going anywhere), our energy sources (obama is under contempt of court for his drilling moratorium), what we drive, and controlling the rights of unborn babies.

Liberalism keeps welfare recipients on welfare, controlling their motivations, and desire to live the American Dream.

We know that conservatism is associated with freedom – In fact Sarah Palin is the woman that girls can look up to now – a woman who has it all – the career, loving husband, family, raising a downs syndrome child; with the media telling lies about her, she continues to rise above it. […]

In fact if it wasn’t for Palin, DEATH PANELS would not be a topic of discussion would they? And did the white house and obama cave and take end of life counseling OUT OF Health Care. Why, yes they did! True leadership is what this WOMAN brings. […]

I’m an Independent and Sarah Palin appeals to me because of this. I’m a Mom, active in PTA and local politics, want the best for my country and am willing to fight against the radical liberals who don’t know how to balance a budget. Millions of Moms can see themselves in Sarah Palin and we are rallying. We don’t like what liberals bring and feminists hypocrits (sic) like you stand for. […]

… Where were you when Hillary was getting bashed during the primaries? You will be caught in hypocrisy if you tell me you supported Hillary against the biased media and not Sarah Palin. You feminists are all hypocrits. (sic) You will not win 2012.

I have no idea why JennyM signed up for my mailing list. She seems to think feminism is about supporting any woman, including someone who doesn’t think women should be as free as men. As for my role in the ’08 primary season, if you were involved it was hard to miss. Hey, but JennyM’s got her celebrity, so she’s happy in her bubble.

This is what Democrats are up against.

Then there is Mary, another “independent” voter, aka conservative:

You really have a lot of nerve even tackling this issue from the left…Where have you been as you’ve watched, initiated, participated in, approved of and encouraged even more crucifixion of a fellow woman, her daughter, even her handicapped child and stayed silent? Christine Whitman…you butchered her. Michelle Bachman..same thing….it’s ok to support women ONLY if they’re liberal leftists so you know what that makes you? A HYPOCRITE!!! Your disingenuous support of women is ONLY if they share your ideology. For what it’s worth, I’m a former lib/Dem and now an independent because I finally woke up to what’s going on here and I’m sick of it. So, this article is nothing but drivel to one like me and let me tell you something, Ms. Marsh…there are MANY women out here who feel exactly the same way. Call an end to the despicable way, by ANY standards, the way the media has treated Sarah Palin and then, maybeeee you’ll have my support and respect…and to what the media does to ALL women…and just maybe I won’t have to stop reading an article like this in sheer disgust in order to write to you and call you on your hypocrisy. I condemn it all…whether from the right OR the left and you are JUST, if not MORE guilty of advancing equality for women. You eat your young. Shame on you.

Mary doesn’t care about the facts any more than JennyM does. She isn’t interested in this column I wrote taking on Andrew Sullivan, because of his attacks on former Gov. Palin, nor does she care that two columns, here and here, pointed to Rep. Michele Bachmann’s ascending power on the Right. That I gave Palin credit for throwing Dems off their health care messaging, but also for the midterm outcome is lost, as is the fact I wrote that Sarah Palin should have been TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year,” which I also posted at Huffington Post where it was featured.

We’re dealing with uninformed people who don’t bother to do their own homework, many of whom are women who also support Sarah Palin. DorothyK said it well:

This is not new. I wish I could feel sorry for those who will be affected by those elected in the past election.

Then there is PeterV, who responded to my video by putting “Progressive Hate” in the subject header of his email; anyone doing so doesn’t get the privilege of sending me further emails. What’s the point? Then he sent a second email from a different address, which was very long and complete with Saul Alinksy quotes, which had at the bottom of it “Media Truth-Watcher” as his title. He particularly disliked the reality that revolutions are based in liberalism fighting against conservative rulers trying to keep the people down, but also hated that I was correct on Planned Parenthood and the Right’s war against women. PeterV didn’t care that denying funding would increase the number of abortions, or that pap smears, HIV tests and other screening would be diminished for women. What made him feel exultant was Rep. Mike Pence, whom he quoted at length. Here’s a small snippet of what PeterV quoted:

“Planned Parenthood and their defenders will claim that the money they received has not been used to fund abortions,” Pence said. “That is only technically true. … ..”

After I read “technically true” I didn’t read any further, though I scanned to see the Alinksy quotes, which were just as humorous as truth being a technicality.

Truth is now subject to qualification. That’s what conservatives and their like-minded “independent” friends think about the fact-based world, which they do not inhabit.

But it’s always good to know I struck a nerve and inspired conservative “independents” to go on defense. Because if you’re playing defense you’re losing. That Gov. Walker has now blocked a pro-union website says the rest.

It’s hard to win when you are scared of facts and the truth.

These are the people Pres. Obama is bending over backward to reach at the expense of Democratic policies that put the middle class first. It’s a losing cause, especially if you believe in progressive policies and liberal freedoms.