When your guest cites Col. Kurtz from “Apocalypse Now” you know it’s about to hit the fan.

It was meant as a segment to have the “radio talk show host” who had interviewed Charlie Sheen on “The View” to tell the story. What happened was quite different. A filibuster started the unraveling.

There’s more at Entertainment Weekly, with Newsbusters blaming Barbara Walters for letting Jones unwind.

Alex Jones went on a rant that ranged from defending his good friend Charlie Sheen, talking about how clean he is, then segued to “Torture! Secret arrests! America is turning into a police state!,” but also that Sheen isn’t the devil. Next he hoisted Charlie above George W. Bush while citing “a million dead in Iraq,” which freaked Elisabeth Hasselbeck out: “If you’re going to come here and go there, we’re asking you about your friend! Let’s stick to the topic!”

[Charlie Sheen is] tired of being judged and him being held up as the ultimate demon in this world. He didn’t kill a million people in Iraq. He wasn’t involved with the takedown of Building Seven here in New York. He thinks there’s bigger devils out there than himself. – Alex Jones, on “The View”

Then Jones went off on his favorite tangent about mind wars and economic disaster that caught Whoopie Goldberg and Barbara Walters flatfooted and left their mouths agape.

“Charlie says you have a right to kill him, but not judge him, as Colonel Kurtz.”

Someone on the staff of “The View” didn’t do their job. Screening guests is easy, especially when they come with a trail like Mr. Jones. But somebody was asleep, which allowed Jones to take center stage then run away with the show, leaving veteran Walters looking foolish.

The short clip above gives you some of the story, but watching it today I couldn’t help but wonder how Ms. Walters and her staff allowed Jones to take over their show and spout insanity. This is a man who has a record for crazy a search engine deep.

One thing you can bet, Charlie Sheen got the biggest laugh and for good reason. Alex Jones made a fool out of the ladies of “The View,” but also Walters and her entire staff.