Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times stated on “Daily Rundown” (see video) today that an “unofficial adviser” to Sarah Palin, also mentioning “supporters,” have told him that former Gov. Palin needs to speak out on the Arizona domestic terrorism tragedy. Not in a tweet or a Facebook post, but in an address.

Now, “unofficial adviser” is a laughable source, but what isn’t funny is that there are Sarah Palin supporters talking to Zeleny believing Sarah Palin must stand up.

It would also be hilarious if this wasn’t so deadly serious that Palin’s supporters and in the Tea Party now want everyone to believe that “don’t retreat, reload” rhetoric and her crosshairs poster was actually about surveying opponents, naming Rep. Gabrielle Giffords specifically to be surveyed.

It defies belief. The overexercised graphic contortions evidence of the Right’s panic. Palin herself tweeted they were “bullseye” graphics, which for you non gun owners is the same as saying crosshairs.

What people defending Sarah Palin’s crosshairs graphic don’t get is that it’s not that anyone thinks the former governor specifically inspired Loughner. It’s that Palin, with her “don’t retreat, reload,” rhetoric perfectly symbolizes the collision of politically charged gun invocations with an atmosphere that’s manifested Tea Party activists showing up at political rallies with holstered weapons on their hip. The final cry of crescendo coming in Arizona, a state whose own governor has fueled suspicion and hatred of brown people, and a general mistrust for government, while championing states’ rights over a united America.

Alex Parene’s post on “Watering the Tree of Liberty” has a seminal graphic, which was the basis of my article earlier today.

Having been the first to write about what former Gov. Sarah Palin’s crosshairs “targeting” campaign could cost her politically in the wake of the weekend tragedy, others now following, the advice for her to speak out is sound. In fact, it could turn the entire situation around for her. But is she big enough to step up? We should all hope the answer to this is yes, but as you see by the unbelievable “survey graphics” push back, it’s unlikely.

If the Republican establishment has anything to do with it, the crosshairs poster and the “targeting” of Giffords, will be Palin’s undoing.

Big Government’s Dana Loesch chose the full back flip defense through a graphic “survey symbols” tour de farce, as shown in the screen captures on this page. I’m afraid all she accomplished was revealing her Tea Party panic.

But you can be sure where there’s panic on the Right someone will soon have to pay for it.

Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona didn’t waste any time going after Pima County, Ariz., Sheriff Clarence Dupnik, which Fox News quickly turned into a screaming headline: Pima County Sheriff Sets Off Debate on Price of Free Speech. Fox’s Megyn Kelly in an interview called Dupnik’s law enforcement judgment “speculation,” even if the sheriff’s assessment of his own county and state is based on his professional experience as a law enforcement officer.

Michelle Malkin is going after Dupnik too, as did Larry Elder on his radio show. Rush Limbaugh continued today the efforts, mocking Sheriff Dupnik, calling him “anti conservative” and “anti Republican” without any proof. He did this after demanding proof that Loughner was incited to his act of domestic terrorism, while denying there is no atmosphere in America that encouraged it, as Dupnik suggested was the case. In case you didn’t get what a right-wing campaign revving up against someone looks like this is it.

The screen capture to the left from Loesch is supposed to prove that the crosshairs in Palin’s graphic aren’t really what they are, but instead “survey symbols” as shown in the red drawings above. I asked my gun expert hubby what he thought of the defense and he laughed out loud.

Ms. Loesch and her boss Andrew Breitbart and others on the Tea Party Right are bending over backward to put a politician, Sarah Palin, above principles and what’s best for the American conversation going forward. The Tea Party created their movement, so if they want to kill it that’s up to them, too. I’d just advise Sarah Palin isn’t worth it, no politician is.

Oh, and just to prove irony isn’t dead. While Michelle Malkin squeals about the hatred on the Left, with others on the Right drawing false equivalencies, this graphic of Obama is prominently displayed on Malkin’s website.

Without hate the Right is speechless.