“The left understands that the choice in 2012 will be Obama or somebody far worse,” the official said. “They will have no choice, no matter what Obama says in the State of the Union address. No matter how much we complain, he knows that at the end of the day, we will be supporting him in 2012 ““ and that affects what he can do now. The choice for us will be an administration that disappointed us or a Republican administration that will be out to destroy us.” – Liberals lament Obama’s move to center

Sound familiar? This time it comes from a “labor official” speaking to POLITICO anonymously, of course.

The stakes are high as are the hopes and poll numbers, however what Pres. Obama faces is a Congress that may be sitting together but has no intention of working together.

If Pres. Obama was going to announce a nationwide effort to build a coast to coast bullet train who wouldn’t be psyched? It’s not enough to cite other cities that have them. What if he took on China’s currency manipulation? Announced Project America along with it, which would begin with cutting the Pentagon budget and redeploying our troops from Iraq and around the world in far flung places we no longer need to be? But that’s not what we’ll hear. It will be posturing for posterity and making the case for a second-term presidency, with Republicans poised to stop him in his tracks.

There’s been so much preamble and previewing of Obama’s speech tonight the media airwaves are choking on the incessant babble.

FLASHBACK: Obama’s State of the Union, 2010

Talk about over written. John Heilemann’s piece in New York Magazine cries for a rewrite. Pres. Obama didn’t “remake” himself, the Tea Party midterm “shellacking” did it for him. Necessity, see mother of invention. The “full-scale reboot of the Obama presidency,” to quote Heilemann, is also how we got stuck with the bill for tax cuts for the wealthiest in this country.

To the chattering class, aiding the wealthy and the Wall Street corporate class is the defining point of what insider opinion makers consider “serious” and “centrist.” Make a note.

The “professional Left” urged a bigger stimulus (see what worked for the Chinese), as well as a public option. That’s considered “fringe” or “far Left.” Got it? While Obama ignored both then upped the stupidity with a deficit commission trying to out cheap the Right.

Pres. Obama will not be taking up the recommendations of his commission to alter Social Security in his State of the Union. Never believed he would, though I was in the minority.

Sales of Pepto and antacids will drop dramatically among Democrats everywhere.

However, you can bet Obama’s story on changing Social Security isn’t fully written yet.

Administration officials said Obama is unlikely to specifically endorse any of the deficit commission’s recommendations in the speech, but cautioned that he is unlikely to rule them off the table, either.Obama won’t endorse raising retirement age or reducing Social Security benefits

Obama will need a second term and a Republican majority in Congress, which could be complete after ’12, to implement the changes his deficit commission recommended. So all the activists who worked to draw a line for Pres. Obama aren’t done yet.

There are many things to think about when contemplating Pres. Obama’s speech tonight, with the one that bothers me most the smallness of the vision we’re likely to hear. The reality is that Obama Inc. is mostly interested in the reviews and the mileage the message brings, because this is their reelection kick off, just one reason they never planned to muscle Social Security.

Senators and representatives who can’t speak civilly or make common cause without selling out to their contributors now suddenly sitting next to each other won’t make a bit of difference when it comes to “working together.” The only thing this stunt reveals is the incredibly small nature of Congress one decade into the 21st century.

I can’t wait to hear the inevitable Hollywoodesque coverage of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y) and Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), who will be sitting together. At least they’ll give the hacktacular a fun focus so they won’t put us all to sleep.

The odd couple of the evening sure to be Rep. Steve King (R-N.Y) and Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), who have duked it out pretty good on several occasions. We’ll see who loses control over their gag reflex first.

That cable TV hosts are hailing the move reveals the stupidity of our puditry.

Not one person will get a job because of the speech.

Our debt will not go down.

Today’s congressional Republicans will not become instantaneously more sane.

Democrats won’t grow a spine.

Independents won’t become less fickle and the big two parties won’t quit chasing them.

After Pres. Obama’s speech, women’s freedoms will still be targeted in states around the country.

We will be in Afghanistan this time next year when Pres. Obama gives yet another SOTU speech, this one in an election year.

Gitmo still won’t be closed.

…and a bullet train from coast to coast won’t be built, even as our energy demands grow.

We can only hope Bradley Manning will be released by then.

The State of the Union speech means nothing to the American citizen longing for a fairer working environment and better wages, or more understandable benefits.

I’m immune to these speeches, though when the heroes of the Tucson domestic terrorism tragedy are honored I’ll be swallowing the lump in my throat like everybody else.

It’s easy to imagine Pres. Obama’s speech, tonight’s State of the Union yet another moment for him to redefine himself after a midterm that convinced him he needed to go back to what got him elected in the first place: platitudes and promises devoid of vision, direction and a plan.

“I don’t think he should have this tone that if he rolls on his back the new Congress is going to rub his belly. A lot of these guys coming to town campaigned against everything this president wants to achieve,” Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) said, adding the president needs to take an “aggressive” approach to make clear “he’s not going to roll over.” – POLITICO

Today brings yet another moment that progressives find themselves searching for new ways to tell Pres. Obama to fight and not give in, something the Left’s been doing for two years.

Doesn’t it feel like Barack Obama has been president a lot longer than he has?