TM NOTE: Texan4Hillary offers his perspective as a movement progressive activist.

It’s cocktail hour and the prelude to Obama’s SOTU. (Taylor put excerpts of the speech in the comment section.)

With mixed reports on how much Obama will say on the New Deal only one phrase from him would matter: that any cuts on Social Security and Medicare are off the table. Period. Anything else is more jargon and lies.

Don’t worry though, Obama is a reborn centrist and is moving away from the radical hippie infested Left! He is expected to announce a destructive freeze in the budget, banning earmarks critical to minority communities, pushing infrastructure while keeping away revenue to fund such projects by not ending those tax cuts, and heaven knows what else.

You know us radicals who pushed him to adopt policies that would be popular and work. Oh, like a 3 trillion dollar stimulus to bring unemployment down to 5%, a Medicare option, government negotiated drug prices, and progressive taxation not Work till You Drop ideas from a deficit commission full of anti-worker hacks.

Gee, if Obama would have partnered with progressives he still would have a Democratic congress and a public being truly uplifted by government. Oh well, time to be that pro business center Right pol the MSM loves while people go into poverty. Chris Matthews’ leg will be tingling tonight!

Ah, but we have some great reminders from candidate and President Obama on the New Deal and his willingness to defend it. Note the change in tone as time goes by. You will need more than a cocktail after reading and seeing this.

You can see more from where I pulled these quotes from here.

Speech to the AARP Convention on the COLA and the retirement age
September 6, 2008

“But his [McCain’s] campaign has gone even further, suggesting that the best answer to the growing pressures on Social Security might be to cut cost-of-living adjustments or raise the retirement age. I will not do either.”

In the April 2008 primary debate in PA with Hillary, Obama said this:

April 16, 2008 ““ “What I have proposed is that we raise the cap on the payroll tax, because right now millionaires and billionaires don’t have to pay beyond $97,000 a year. Now most firefighters & teachers, they’re not making over $100,000 a year. In fact, only 6% of the population does. And I’ve also said that I’d be willing to look at exempting people who are making slightly above that.”

Q: But that’s a tax on people under $250,000.

“That’s why I would look at potentially exempting those who are in between. This is an option that I would strongly consider, because the alternatives, like raising the retirement age, or cutting benefits, or raising the payroll tax on everybody, including people making less than $97,000 a year–those are not good policy options”- Philadelphia Primary Debate

In 2010 on MTV, President Obama says everything is on the table re: Social Security:

..That’s why we’ve got to strengthen it. And I have said that all options are on the table. I think we’ve got to look at how we preserve it for the next generation. I do think that the best way to do it would be to look at the fact that right now you only pay Social Security taxes up to about $106,000, and after that, you don’t pay any Social Security tax. So that means Warren Buffett, who makes more than $100,000 a year, the vast bulk of his income, he doesn’t pay Social Security taxes on it. That could be modified or changed in a way that would help extend the solvency of Social Security.

But this is an area where ““ I’m sorry, what was the young lady from Austin ““ this is where Cynthia’s point about bipartisanship is so important. I set up a bipartisan fiscal commission that is made up of Republicans and Democrats to sit and meet over the last several months to start looking at how we generally start reducing our debt and our deficit so we’re not leaving it to the next generation. They’re supposed to report back to me after the election because we specifically designed it so they wouldn’t get caught up with silly season and would be able to just focus on what makes sense.

It’s a sad day when Democrats have to watch their own guy and be wary of him cutting deals on such crucial things. But we will. Let’s have a happy SOTU. The pundits sure will.