They also said that some members of the administration were influenced by Israel’s concern at losing a reliable peace partner. – Laura Rozen

It’s the legacy of U.S. Middle East policy.

All the settlements combined won’t get Israel out of the one they missed.

And rightly or wrongly Pres. Obama is already being blamed.

“You see,” the 50-year-old lawyer said, displaying the items. On the bottom of each were the words “Made in the USA.” “They are attacking us with American weapons,” he yelled as men gathered around him. – Washington Post

UPDATE II: Reports out of Egypt that ElBaradei has made common cause of sorts with Muslim Brotherhood and may act as spokesman, so to speak.

UPDATE: On Fox News with Chris Wallace, when asked whether her “stable” remark about the Mubarak government on Tuesday “was a mistake,” Sect. Clinton began her reply with diplospeak that sounded out of touch given the pictures being blasted around the world. Then, at the end she got to her lede, which is where she should have begun.

“There are many, many steps along the journey that has been started by Egyptian people themselves and we wish to support that.” – Sect Clinton