Since Pres. Obama took office he’s been moving the Democratic Party rightward. With the completion of the midterms and the Tea Party House ensconced along with Speaker Boehner, he not only succeeded in getting the voters to move that way too, but now he’s actually got a Congress that fits his core more closely.

Barack Obama we all know is not an ideologue. But where his roots are planted is also nowhere near the progressive pendulum, particularly on domestic issues.

Now he’s got a playing field that suits his natural political conservatism.

As for new House Speaker John Boehner, he acquitted himself tremendously today, giving a speech that represented a very long road to where he now finds himself in his dream job. There was the thread of sweat and humiliation in his scripted humility, which comes after many years of effort to no avail until now. The new Speaker wants to succeed and time will only tell if the person that showed up today stays around long enough to outwit Obama by herding the rabble at his gate. Of course I’m talking about the Tea Party Caucus, who is ready to tear down “Obamacare” and when they fail at that defund it, sending the message in the process that the only other remedy is a new president, all of which is Boehner’s hope, too. It’s all by design.

Pres. Obama gets that, so his current state of mind revolves around Operation Reelect, which Robert Gibbs leaving to help in that effort begins.

Foreshadowing of Obama 2.0 to come, the White House shift starts with an address to the Chamber of Commerce next month, which I doubt will please progressives.

Next comes Gene Sperling who is also likely to take Summers’ spot, with anyone better than Summers.

William Daley, Bill Clinton’s former Commerce Secretary, is reportedly on the top of a very short list to be Pres. Obama’s new chief of staff. Howard Dean gave his endorsement recently.

“I don’t agree with [him] on a lot of stuff politically, but I do think — A, he is a grownup and B, he gets that you don’t treat people like you know everything and they don’t,” said Dean. “If Bill Daley becomes the chief of staff, that is going to be a huge plus because he is outside of Washington, he sees things the way people outside Washington do. It is not a left or right issue.”

There is not a smarter move for Obama than Daley to send a signal to business, which coupled with the President’s speech to the Chamber sends an undeniable message. That Daley comes from Wall Street, with roots in Chicago, continues the thread.

No matter what Speaker Boehner and his Tea Party stars, including budget point man Rep. Paul Ryan, but also Rep. Kristi Noem, two of the freshman Boehner gave leadership spots, have planned, Barack Obama is now in his comfort zone.

If they can deal, Obama’s base will be thrilled. His base now being Independents, because those are the people to whom he’ll be speaking for a very long time.

Dealing with conservatives and finding compromising with them in order to woo Independents is a whole lot easier than having a majority Democratic Congress who expects you to make progressive moves on policy. That’s never been who Barack Obama is and anyone who thought otherwise just wasn’t paying attention.