I can’t imagine anything Keith Olbermann would hate more than being TMZ’d. The juicy tabloid outfit has earned it’s verb status.

Segue to… TMZ’s take.

Here’s how it went down. Sources familiar with the situation tell us that Olbermann’s agent recently went to NBC complaining that Keith — who has the most popular show on MSNBC — was underpaid at $7 million per year. NBC execs told Olbermann’s agent they would not cough up anymore money.

Network execs were well aware that Comcast wanted Keith gone because he was “a loose cannon that could not be controlled.” It became clear to both sides that Olbermann’s days were numbered and they began negotiating an exit.

As an aside, I remember Harvey Levin during the whole O.J. nightmare in Los Angeles. He was KCBS-TV’s legal reporter and his reports got me through it without losing my mind. That he’s the executive producer behind TMZ is an interesting choice of fate, but if anything would make you go there it would have been O.J.’s acquittal in the criminal trial.

As for Olbermann, we still need his voice in politics. He’s got great sports announcing chops, but I want him back in our game.

But at least when Bill O’Reilly goes off on this Monday we know that Keith made his own deal to get out, even if The Suits had the papers already drawn up in draft and poured a Scotch when he was gone.