..at least in the House. Symbolic it may end up being, as it’s non-binding, but it’s a dramatic message sent.

In an update, Pelosi’s spokesperson is disputing reports that she will bring the bill to the floor, saying “she will honor the resolution,” and has issued a stated saying “this means we will not bring this [agreement] to the floor as is. It has to be changed.” More from POLITICO.

From Sam Stein:

“It was an indication of disapproval and a rejection of the deal as currently written,” said one House Democratic aide.

The vote, which was conducted with something less than a full caucus present, was as much a repudiation of the substance of the deal as the White House’s handling of it. According to sources, several members spoke out about the provision that deals with the estate tax, calling it too generous to the wealthy in its current incarnation. But there was also evident frustration with the administration for essentially cutting House Democrats out of the negotiations.

“The White House f—ed up in how they rolled this out and this is a vote sharing that frustration,” said one aide. “But it is not a deal killer.”

DeFazio added, “They said take it or leave it. We left it.”

“The House was not consulted during the negotiations that produced this package, and our support cannot be taken for granted now or in the future,” said Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

If Pres. Obama gets his act together he can still get a deal, no doubt, because no Democrat wants to stiff the unemployed and the middle class. But this isn’t 2008 and he’s not the Prince of Washington anymore.

“This message today is very simple: That in the form that it was negotiated, it is not acceptable to the House Democratic caucus. It’s as simple as that,” said Democratic Congressman Chris Van Hollen. – CNN