This is a tale of Pres. Obama’s failed leadership as seen through graphics.

It is also the tale of how Pres. Obama decided to do what he did and the part the press plays in helping him neuter Democratic Party priorities.

You can add to the graphics people like Chris Matthews and others like Katty Kay, and Joe Klein of TIME, all applauding Pres. Obama for being outmaneuvered by Republicans on the tax cut scheme just passed, though they don’t realize or care that’s what happened. They also don’t care about Democratic policies.

The graphic below is from the newly released CNN poll just conducted (more via pdf). The internals also tell why the new “No Labels” groups is getting some traction, but also why the “new comeback kid” is being laughingly bestowed on Pres. Obama. People think caving is cool, because the details and payment for moving rightward hasn’t sunk in yet.

Below are two dueling headlines that reveal the media duality in the era of Obama. Beltway media versus Movement Progressives:

Are you hearing me now?

Whenever a Democrat caves to the Right the conventional wisdom is to trumpet exactly what POLITICO is screaming, which will be mimicked by many establishment players.

Pres. Obama “won” on taxes, because he made the media happy by caving to minority leader Mitch McConnell even though the public backed the line liberal progressives wanted him to hold.

When Obama said it was a lot like the public option he wasn’t kidding. Just not in the way he meant it.

Oddly, however, even though Sen. Al Franken lectured that Obama punted on 1st down, while the House threw a kabuki tantrum, let’s remember that the majority of Democrats fell in line to back the boss, regardless of the cards they had to play but didn’t.

Just like with the public option, the people were on the side of Democrats when it came to where the tax cuts should end, yet Pres. Obama didn’t play the cards he had, but instead caved to Mitch McConnell. The rest of the Democrats went along to save Obama’s presidency.

What made it worse was that Mr. Obama and Democrats also adopted the language of George W. Bush and the economic Right to get it done, using fearmongering and saying “taxes would go up” in January if Democrats didn’t cave to Republicans, when in reality taxes would simply revert back to the 90s Clinton era rates. The decade that manifested balanced budgets and 22 million jobs, plus a surplus that Bush squandered on wars and tax cuts he didn’t pay for.

Pres. Obama’s epic leadership failures just keep on mounting for Democrats and it’s not going to get any better once the Tea Party crowd comes into town.

However, the establishment clapping is so loud in honor of compromise, never mind it was from Obama and Democrats who still have the majority, that many in the public think the austerity to come is actually a good thing. If you’re one of these people you’ve been bamboozled and hoodwinked.