“I believe this is a tipping point,” said Debra Burlingame, a vocal advocate for tough anti-terrorism policies. Burlingame — whose brother was the pilot of the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 which crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11 — was outraged after undergoing the new TSA pat-downs. – TSA pat-down controversy: Overreaction or real issue?

Honestly, is there anything the Obama administration doesn’t screw up?

At least someone is happy.

The latest polls on the full-body scanners showing the majority of Americans think they’re just groovy, that is unless they fly more than once per year.

Sect. Clinton spoke for a lot of people when she said answered “who would?” want to go through the groping and embarrassment. One cancer survivor ending up soaked in his own urine, while a breast cancer survivor had to present her prosthesis.

Meanwhile pundits keep squealing and asking what else can be done?

If this country would grow up and allow psychological and behavioral profiling we wouldn’t be in this mess. Couple that with the profound understanding that comes after years of being terrorized until what you come to conclude is that there is never 100% security.

But the way in which the roll out of the security measures and scanners were done as the answers to keeping us safe, including invasive privacy barriers being broken, leaves anyone paying attention asking whether Pres. Obama and his people have a fricking clue about anything.

Heckava job the Obama administration is doing and I mean that in the most critical sense. It doesn’t take a genius to imagine the graphic pictures you’re going to get when the TSA starts grabbing and groping American citizens.

There is simply no way this policy will last. None.

Yet another air ball from the Obama administration that proves again there is no one competent around to give guidance to the people in power, either that or no one is listening.

Ben Smith chalked it all up to the power of Drudge who “chose it and drove it,” making the TSA debacle front page news. I’m not so sure, though I bet POLITICO got a nice link from Drudge for the publicity, because this story was bound to get legs helped by all sides, led by all parties on the Right.

The real question is why in the world Pres. Obama’s people didn’t see this for the disaster it was bound to be. In the era of Tea Party independence did they really think they could roll this out without blow back?