What a nice symbol for the Democrats so soon after a midterm shellacking.

Like the crooks on Wall Street, Rep. Charlie Rangel suffer humiliation, but he won’t lose his job. Unlike the econ frauds that rake in cash at the American people’s expense, Rangel at least won’t get a bonus for his malfeasance.

From The Hill:

But Rangel, 80, is certainly not expected to lose his job. The silver-haired 20-term veteran, known for his gravelly voice, humor and sartorial splendor, is still beloved by many of his House colleagues. And in the lame-duck session, Democrats still hold the majority.

Either reprimand or formal censure carry no immediate, tangible consequence for Rangel, who easily won reelection this month, but the sweeping guilty verdict delivers a damaging blow to his reputation and 40-year political legacy.

Years of negative publicity and his drawn-out defense pushed the specter of the trial into the 2010 campaign season, angering House Democratic leaders and forcing some of Rangel’s colleagues to return campaign contributions from him. Earlier this year, he was stripped of his powerful Ways and Means gavel after an initial investigation into a corporate-funded trip to the Caribbean concluded he should have known that his aides were trying to evade ethics rules.

It sure as hell must be nice being among the American elite. Most people getting caught doing crap like this would lose their jobs, then their home.

We don’t have two America’s, we have divided worlds of reality.