It’s the advantage of a lesser mind that allows a man like George W. Bush to rewrite history and the legacy of his presidency through a glitzy, brilliantly designed book cover and ad campaign, which fog over the reality we left behind two years ago.

Unfortunately, because an irresponsible Republican leader has reentered the stage when his successor has plummeted from his pedestal makes people willing to invest in their gullibility to whitewash the economic and foreign policy recklessness that got us where we are today.

That it took Pres. Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats to ignore investigating Mr. Bush’s potential crimes as president, including torture that he has now admitted he ordered, should not go without mentioning.

Our Soldiers are still paying for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s decisions, with Iraq droning on for another year at least, the leader of VoteVets, Jon Soltz, about to redeploy to Iraq, while tens of thousands of our Soldiers in Afghanistan fight and die daily to legitimize Pres. Karzai.

With all the talk about debt and austerity, even Pentagon cuts, still no one is daring to touch the $2 billion a week we spend in Afghanistan, or that our job in Iraq is done, but yet 50,000 troops remain.

On this stage George W. Bush parades making the case that he was Decision Guy and doesn’t regret that he took this country to war on a lie, but ensnared our nation in disgrace through torture Bush himself now admits he sanctioned. Ironic that he’s passing the buck to “the lawyers” who told him it was legal.

Our leaders don’t take responsibility for anything anymore. Whether it’s Pres. Bush or his successor they talk about responsibility, but never do anything more than defend themselves, as if leading the United States is about the ego of the Executive Branch occupant.

For leaders and those who sacrifice we have to look to the best of our Soldiers.

Former Pres. Bush even did his best to ruin our fighting force, because by breaking faith with our soldiers by advancing a war that should have never been fought, disgracing this country through Abu Ghraib, it’s difficult to inspire people to enlist, our standards having to be lowered because of Mr. Bush, a man who sullied his own service through unanswered questions.

But to relive the full extent of Pres. Bush’s earned mantle of the worst president in U.S. history you have to relive the story of Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson, two patriots who Bush and Cheney, Scooter Libby and Karl Rove, decided were expendable. Two true American patriots I have met and interviewed for whom respect is too small a word. For telling the truth Joe Wilson was hounded, his CIA wife cover blown and exposed, their lives upended and their family put in danger, all because Mr. Wilson dared to expose the facts.

On this Veterans Day, as Mr. Bush parades himself on TV, acting as if being the Decider in Chief when compared to the decisions he made is anything for which he should boast, we owe it to our Soldiers to remember the truth.

The leaders our Soldiers in the field have today don’t come close to measuring up to what’s deserved. There is no Harry S Truman, no John F. Kennedy.

Bush’s successor, Pres. Obama, has also broken faith with Soldiers, those gays and lesbians who serve, by refusing to move forward and honor all those who serve, with 70% saying repealing DADT is an idea whose time has come. This Veterans Day we find yet another president doing less for our Soldiers than they’ve earned.

How many more Soldiers will die for a lie in Iraq before we finally leave?

What is the mission in Afghanistan we are asking our Soldiers to accomplish?

There are no leaders to tell us.

Dedicated to my Uncle Dick who fought in WWII, my Marine brother Larry, who if John F. Kennedy had been George W. Bush would have ended up in Cuba, and to Jon Soltz, who is deploying to Iraq, as well as all the other women and men, straight and gay, Soldiers, who put their lives on the line every day. Hu-rah.