“No question, she will be a very, very strong presence and force, if she gets in,” Huckabee told reporters Sunday, per the Des Moines Register’s Tom Beaumont. “You know, she may run away with it. And that’s one of those things everyone needs to be prepared for.”via Sarah Palin’s Mike Huckabee Problem

Let’s face it, nobody is prepared for Palin running away with it. But so far the Republican elite has revealed they’re scared witless that she will and not at all certain how to stop it.

Mike Huckabee might be the only person with the power to help out the establishment. Right now I think it’s safe to say Obama and the Dems are currently calculating that it would be much easier to run against Palin than Huckabee.

However, Palin’s not at all shy about going negative and she will against Huckabee, with Willie Horton type ads over his pardons sure to come out during the primaries.

As for Gov. Palin’s media strategy, she is under no obligation to talk to anyone, but who does she think she’s kidding? The only reason Palin won’t talk to Ms. Couric is because the CBS newswoman bested Palin and caused her a hellish embarrassment at the moment she was being introduced to America. You only get one change at a first opinion and Couric’s simple line of questioning at a moment that Palin wasn’t prepared is something she’s still not gotten over.

The irony of the whole back and forth is that Palin doesn’t need Couric, CBS or any of the “lamestream” media, as she calls it. She’s successfully gone around the whole apparatus.

However, looking forward and seeing Mike Huckabee, her main rival for the Right’s evangelical and religious base, he’s been willing to allow access to even Bill Maher and is not afraid, reticent or against being interviewed by anyone.

The competition between Palin and Huckabee, if/when Palin enters the presidential race, may be the only thing that can change her game plan.