If Republicans want to embrace Palin as a cultural icon whose anti-intellectualism fulfills a base political need, then have at it. I suppose it’s cheaper than therapy. – Joe Scarborough

Joe Scarborough made Sarah’s day today, while binding her fans closer to her. These guys never learn. The presidential race hasn’t even begun and he’s challenging people like Romney, Newt, et al. to take on the “most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected.” Joe is begging for a preemptive political strike, which is actually more like a suicide mission.

Scarborough is also taking it very personally that Palin pointed out the fact that the Bushes are “blue bloods.” It’s as defensively uncomfortable to watch as his genuflecting to the presidency of Ronald Reagan, a man I voted for in ’80, so I learned the hard way that he wasn’t all that.

Reagan kicked off financial deregulation, with American indebtedness rising under his watch. Scarborough’s nemesis, Paul Krugman, made the case against Reagan long ago, something that Joe won’t let him forget. And you know all those rules put in place so that people had to actually put a down payment on a house? Reagan scrapped those, too. Mr. Scarborough also forgets the S&L crisis, which Mr. Reagan helped escalate, though no one wants to talk about that either, because being federally insured it made gambling so much easier for the S&Ls. And what about Iran-Contra, which happened under Reagan’s nose and could have led to impeachment if it had been uncovered earlier and Reagan had been healthy? We haven’t even gotten into the AIDS crisis and Reagan’s callous disregard for a generation of people.

As for George H.W. Bush and his bitchy catty wife, they may be wonderful people (at least he could be), with Bush 41 a war hero, but there is no doubting they are of the privileged political class that grandfathered in a feckless incompetent because of breeding. Pres. George W. Bush ended up being even more dishonest than Richard Nixon, and half as intelligent and competent, all because he came with the right pedigree, something Sarah Palin doesn’t have.

Scarborough’s column today wreaks of the “hicks from the sticks” opinion of Bill and Hillary Clinton when they landed in Washington. The Beltway elite thinking the Arkansans had despoiled the ground on which the Reagans and Bushes had walked.

It’s the political class elitism that Mr. Scarborough seems to champion on POLITICO that is being thoroughly trashed by the American electorate.

There is no doubt that Republicans should challenge Palin on her policy prescriptions and ideas. Wait, does she have any?

Will Sarah even need any? Or can Republicans run against Pres. Obama, against health care, against, against, against all things Obama?

William F. Buckley, right before he died, said in an interview with Charlie Rose that conservatism is about fighting against things. It’s one reason Republicans always get into trouble when they are asked to put forth ideas and solutions. They haven’t got any, except to stand against what Democrats propose.

However, considering that Pres. Obama is freezing the pay of federal workers, part of his base, but also is letting Republicans off the hook for wanting to end unemployment benefits while extending tax cuts for the wealthy, it’s understandable that Scarborough senses what all Republicans feel today. That with Obama losing working class voters and independents, which will be very hard for him to get back, 2012 is in reach for Republicans to take it all, the Senate and the White House, keeping the House.

With Sarah Palin’s building power, Scarborough wants to stop her before she builds any more steam. Scarborough’s post today gives you a window into the real fear among the Republican intelligentsia who believes no one can stop Sarah if she wants the nomination. But by getting it Joe and the Republican boys’ club think she’ll also manifest defeat from the jaws of victory.

Today, Mitt Romney remains in the top spot for 2012, especially if the economy stays flat, though if a foreign policy event occurs who knows how things could shift. Except that Romney won’t unite the Republican Tea Party as they look to dismantling “Obamacare.”

So I don’t think the only question is whether Sarah can win the presidency. It’s whether the Republicans would put her on the ticket again as vice president in order to win the White House. Whoever could broker that deal would be quite a kingmaker.