As for any question about Sarah Palin’s 2010 prowess, let’s consider case closed.

It’s being reported as the Democrats’ “best performing” ad not featuring Obama, though I’d add that no add spotlighting Obama right now would be much of a draw.

Pres. Obama will be on with Ryan Seacrest tomorrow at 7:15 a.m. Pacific time. Seen as a reaction to his abysmal performance with Jon Stewart it seems a little telling. Seacrest is taking question on Facebook. It’s kind of alarming that there were only around 70 at the time of this post, even though the entry was uploaded at noon time.

Not sure what the Palin add juxtaposed against the Seacrest interview means, but it seems a fitting ending to chaos politics 2010.

Dems also might want to save the “Don’t let Palin win” ad graphic. They might need it come 2012, though if the Republican establishment has their way… You know the drill.