Nothing so reveals Pres. Obama’s political pretzel logic timidity to take a stand and do the right thing than his recent decision to walk through the motions of appealing the federal injunction on DADT, while waiting for SecDef Gates’ recommendation due in December. Meanwhile, the Pentagon will honor the injunction and quit enforcing DADT, though the best advice to any soldier serving is to keep obeying the Clinton-era law.

Obama has no problem standing up in front of the MTV crowd to crow he’s called for an end to DADT in his State of the Union speech, when at the very same instant breaking news ricocheted around that the Justice Dept. is preparing an appeal to the ruling, requesting a stay.

It’s reminiscent of John Kerry’s voting for the $87b before he voted against it logic, with Pres. Obama trying to have it both ways while simultaneously trying to give himself credit for wanting to end DADT, which amounts to a whopper size bite of hubris.

There’s a reason many Democrats are disgusted with the current leadership, which goes well beyond “whining.” From the Wall Street Journal, an analysis by American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate:

Some 8.2% of voting-age adults took part in Democratic primaries, down from 9% in 2006 and the lowest percentage of all midterms since 1930.

There’s a lot of scuttlebut about early voting surge for Dems, which people should be praying is happening; about cell phones and polling, one point that is likely very true.

But contrasted to what’s happening on the right, guided by candidates that are too often extreme, horribly misguided and sometimes even totally unqualified, at least they’re pulling out all the stops and standing on a line for what they believe.

Pres. Obama doesn’t seem to know the meaning of that action and what it means to people.

Obama has declared he wants to end DADT, but it’s gone the way of Gitmo as he waits for others to get the job done. Meanwhile, his promise to dismantle the symbolic humiliation of the United States, Gitmo, has long passed from memory.

Barack Obama wages good campaigns. His follow up sucks.