There’s a reason a majority of voters want a third party, even if they’re anything but sure the Tea Party should be one of them. What’s gone on the last 19 months is enough to make anyone pine for an alternative.

One so called Democrat, Georgia Rep. Jim Marshall, is boasting in an ad that he voted with “Republican leaders 65% of the time” and he doesn’t support Pelosi. If this is the best Dems can do just give up the district to the GOTP, because we aren’t going to get where we need to be with this jackass calling himself a Democrat. Bart Stupak proved that conclusively.

Tea Party “hicky” ad candidate John Raese wants to spend tax dollars on a $20 billion extensive laser-based missile defense system. Evidently Raese is scared of everyone, but also ignorant enough to believe the U.S. is in danger in a way that is very 20th century. He’s running against Gov. Manchin in West Virginia, who actually shot the cap and trade bill, that’s right he shot it using a rifle, and also said if “Obamacare” can’t be fixed it should be repealed. That’s how badly Democrats have fallen, because we are talking about West Virginia.

Then there is Christine O’Donnell who shouldn’t be anywhere near Congress, because it’s screwed up enough without her ideology leading us further off a cliff. Charges of Marxism against Dems got old in 1954.

But nothing registers on the disgust meter more for me than the Senate race in Nevada. From Jon Ralston about the Reid – Angle race:

… I’ve read plenty of such missives over the years that have vicious language and stinging adjectives. Indeed, the Reid campaign has called Angle “crazy” and said she has “lost her mind.” But “hatred” is such an awful word – a word I forbid my daughter to use – and yet it sums up exactly why the Senate majority leader may lose to a woman who just last week talked of Sharia law existing in cities in Michigan and Texas.

It’s hatred that has brought this Senate race, with three days until voting begins, to a place where Angle can win. It is hatred that brought her that $14 million haul. And it is hatred that courses through the American electorate, bringing venomous and vitriolic assaults upon anyone who dares to suggest Obama-Reid-Pelosi is not a three-headed monster.

Angle has all but done what she promised to do when she advertised her campaign on conservative talk shows and Fox – “Harry Reid has said he will raise $25 million in this race. I need 1 million people to send $25.”

And you know what: She did it. Or essentially she did.

An incredible 161,358 people sent her checks of $200 or less. Her average donation is $90, Agen says.

This is real, unparalleled (except, perhaps, for Barack Obama in 2008) grass roots. And there is a wildfire blazing through the grass roots, with burning hatred for Reid animating Angle’s chances.

Chaos politics doesn’t happen very often in history. What we’re witnessing is one for the books, with the outcome likely to be truly stunning. No wonder people are looking for a viable alternative. Trouble is the way our system is set up there are very few ways for someone outside the two main parties to win enough states.

When candidates like those named above are considered viable and the only choices it proves why people don’t vote, particularly women, but also that something is seriously shifting in our democratic republic this year. It seems no matter which party wins this November in many races the one thing that will not occur is for sanity to be restored. Not even Jon Stewart’s rallying cry for deliverance from the chaos will make it so.