Pres. Obama’s “the choice” election midterm mantra isn’t working out very well in one key area. Big Democratic donors have a choice and they’ve decided to sit out the midterms. Who’s shocked by this story?

Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi compromised on health care without a fight. They did deals in the dark with the insurance companies, not to mention the Catholic Church, then shoved a mandate on health care down the rest of the Democratic Party’s throat, as well as the American public, while movement progressives screamed to high heaven what it would cost them.

See the Tea Party rise in 2010, which was a direct result of the inept leadership and lack of ideological fortitude of the Democratic elite. They passed stimulus with a big “D” on it that wasn’t what was needed, managing to get people furious about the spending, especially since it wasn’t enough to actually work. In other words, they failed to do their job, because they didn’t have the courage craft real stimulus that was actually needed and could have proved Democratic policies can work when they’re done the right way. Now, in one of the latest polls, people actually think Republicans will manage government better! That’s quite an “accomplishment” for Obama and the Democrats.

Pres. Obama, Sen. Reid and Speaker Pelosi decided that taking on the Bush era crimes of torture, intelligence tampering, as well as constitutional overreach, was not important for Democrats to take up, so not only did they let Bush-Cheney get away with what they did on the run up to the Iraq war, but the negligence of Democratic leadership, starting with Pres. Obama, has actually allowed for the rehabilitation of Bush-Cheney in some quarters. You didn’t have to impeach Bush to hold his administration accountable.

The latest insult, ducking middle class tax cuts, is just the latest cave-in by this crew, but it’s part of a powerfully long that has pushed big money Dem donors to pass on giving money this midterms. From the New York Times:

Many wealthy Democratic patrons, who in the past have played major roles financing outside groups to help elect the party’s candidates, are largely sitting out these crucial midterm elections.

Democratic donors like George Soros, the bête noire of the right, and his fellow billionaire Peter B. Lewis, who each gave more than $20 million to Democratic-oriented groups in the 2004 election, appear to be holding back so far.

“Mr. Soros believes that he can be most effective by funding groups that promote progressive policy outcomes in areas such as health care, the environment and foreign policy,” said an adviser, Michael Vachon. “So he has opted to fund those activities.”

That last one is very important. Years ago I was on a closed conference call with Mr. Soros, getting a feel for what moves this man. It’s clear that he’s not interested in personality politics, which is what Barack Obama offers above all else. Not only is Mr. Obama not an ideologue, but his lack of conviction on the principles of good policy makes him a blank slate for donors like Soros whose passions ride along the line of issues. They simply don’t know which way Mr. Obama will blow at any given time.

The Catfood Commission is a prime example. The only reason this was set up is because Pres. Obama wanted it. We don’t need no stinking commission, because Congress is perfectly capable of taking care of Social Security, which means preserving it. However, like in all things, Pres. Obama wanted the cover of a commission so he could blame someone else on what he actually hopes to do: raise the retirement age; cut benefits; privatize elements of the plan. Pick one, or choose all. Why a Democrat would put in play a bipartisan commission on a signature Democratic Party issue that cemented the reputation of the party as working for financial security for all, specifically as Americans age, is something that few Democrats can stomach, myself included. reader “Lynnette,” a teacher adamantly opposed to what Pres. Obama is doing on education, wrote the other day that what Pres. Obama is hinting at doing on Social Security (along with his education reform) “may be the final straw that keeps this life long Democrat from voting in the 2012 presidential election. That would be a first for me.” Lynnette has a lot of company.

There is a cluelessness among Democratic leadership in Congress that has forgotten their job and has them siding with the Executive Branch, because Pres. Obama is one of their own, even if he is calling open season on one of the signature Democratic policies that long time Democratic voters believe in, have worked for all of their activist lives, but is also one of the policies that signifies the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

Pres. Obama has already sacrificed health care to insurance companies, putting forth a law that is disliked by the majority of the public, but also will be easy to dismantle by defunding its implementation. He’s mimicked George W. Bush on security issue after issue, while completely forgetting his promise to close Gitmo, with his promises on DADT weighing most gays and lesbians down in disbelief.

Now as the midterm elections rev up, we’re all being treated to ad nauseam word salads on cable yet again, which considering his almost two-year record in office is now ringing flat, the “fired up” rhetoric sounding worn out, because everyone is already already exhausted from his presidency and he’s not even into year three, and we know when the election is over it will be more compromises without a fight, as usual.

So why would anyone in their right mind give buckets of money to the Democrats right now? They shouldn’t and they aren’t, and small donations won’t cut it this time around, especially since they won’t be coming in like they used to. The days of 2008 are gone, baby.