It’s the most expensive “on record” so far:

A conservative advocacy group Monday will kick off a huge ad campaign in 11 states and two dozen of the most competitive congressional races, slamming “wasteful federal spending.”

The $4.1-million ad buy from the Americans for Prosperity Foundation does not mention individual candidates in the November election. The script attacks Washington policies, describing the economic stimulus program as a failure and declaring that “wasteful spending must stop.”

Rep. Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, had a predictable response: “We say, ‘Viewer beware.’ These are sponsored by people who support the Bush economic agenda…. They are running these ads on behalf of GOP candidates who want to return to the Bush agenda and support efforts to export American jobs.”

This is the biggest problem with Democrats right now. Invoking Bush won’t get it done. The video here from Jon Steward is from June, but it says it all. Under Pres. Obama, the Democrats have not only let the Bush-Cheney administration off the hook for their malfeasance, but have also adopted some of the most nefarious aspects of their legacy where national security is concerned. Habeas corpus at Bagram, rendition, Gitmo, and targeted assassinations. Of course, Republicans approve of all these things, too.

That’s just one reason why many Democrats are demoralized. Whatever change candidate Obama promised to bring, in some of the darkest Bush policies he has not.