Jon Stewart was on fire last night. You simply must watch the segment.

Meanwhile, in these lazy days of August, there is a lot stirring over what Glenn Beck is up to, because of the rally coming up this weekend. Considering the evidence that he’s simply the latest wingnut carnival barker to rise, it seems clear it’s all about Glenn. He’s simply not delivered anything substantively, while trying way too hard to be Professor Cable. Hey, but not delivering substance never stopped Rush either, who simply got rich off of making right wing claims about Republican promises to middle class working folk that never panned out, except to get people to vote against their own interests.

Politico’s story on Glenn Beck offers more evidence that his playbook is straight out Rush’s book:

[…] But some conservatives – and even some Beck fans – say they’re concerned with what they view as a series of unfulfilled promises by Beck to engage more directly in the populist conservative politics he espouses on his syndicated radio show and Fox News television program. They point to his decisions to step away from a political group he founded, The 9.12 Project, and also to abandon plans for voter registration efforts and a political manifesto that was to have been launched at Saturday’s rally.

Beck declined to comment for this story through a spokesman.

Influential conservative blogger Erick Erickson said Beck won’t be able to answer what Erickson has called lingering questions about “whether he’s doing it for himself or doing it for the movement,” even with a successful event this weekend.

“People are going to want to see what comes out of this weekend long term – is it a flash in the pan or is it something longer term?” said Erickson. “Part of the problem is that he didn’t hold onto the 9-12 stuff and it’s kind of descended into competing factions and chaos. He is going to have to be careful, I think, to make sure that he perpetuates this in some way or it’s going to start becoming a punch line.”

Meanwhile, at least one tea party group rejected Beck’s entreaties to assist with the march, concluding he was offering little in return for its organizational know-how and credibility, while giving preferential treatment to FreedomWorks, which is paying to sponsor Beck’s radio show. The group’s leader, who requested anonymity to avoid antagonizing Beck, said, “All he’s doing is trying to use us to promote himself.” […]

It’s quite something when not even a Fox favorite like Beck can get the support of the Tea Party pack.

As for the primaries today, it looks like Sarah Palin has resurrected John McCain’s career for its final act. It’s a lesson in never burning bridges, no matter how badly you want to light the match.

Screen capture from Huffington Post.