[…] And while they’re upset on the political front, some House Democrats believe they haven’t gotten enough credit on major policy accomplishments. Pelosi and her allies have long felt that the administration has given her too little credit for dragging the White House’s legislative agenda across the finish line in her chamber. …At White House, Nancy Pelosi leverages tension


Speaker Pelosi and the House suck up to the Executive Branch for 19 months and then are surprised that Obama and the White House for the most part are cutting them loose on midterms. The woman isn’t stupid, so she obviously at the very least misjudged Pres. Obama’s give a crap quotient.  Maybe if Speaker Pelosi understood power outside her enshrined Speaker’s bubble this wouldn’t be happening?

Party insiders said Pelosi’s anger wasn’t manufactured for gain – one House Democrat described her as “pissed” during Tuesday night’s caucus. But they also said it quickly gave way to cool political calculation about how to get the White House to do more for Democrats.

The saga began to unfold after Gibbs’s comments Sunday morning on “Meet the Press” that Republicans could take the House, but Pelosi grew angrier at a social event later that evening as donors began posing inquiries about whether Democrats had already lost the House.

By Monday, Pelosi was “nuclear mad,” according to the Democratic insider. “We’re lucky the caucus wasn’t on Monday night.”

Oh, please, this is just too much drama. Speaker Pelosi and House leaders have only themselves to blame.

From Harris and Vandehei of Politico:

Many Democrats on the Hill don’t much like Obama, or at least his circle of advisers. They think the White House makes them take tough votes, but doesn’t care that much about the problems those votes leave politicians facing in tough races in 2010. Numerous Democrats have complained privately that Obama only cares about Obama – a view reinforced by Gibbs’s public admission that Democrats could lose the House.

Democrats dragged Obama into health care after a year of him standing on the sidelines getting beat on message by Palin and the Tea Party “death panel” crowd only to enshrine a program that helps Americans, but does even more for the insurance industry. I’ll leave the canonization of Bart Stupak as simply the bad smell lingering over the deal.

The Senate is getting different treatment for obvious reasons. They’re harder to wrangle and because of the obstruction on the right, as well as tighter numbers, including the reality of the filibuster, Obama has to pay attention.

The memo shows Obama himself is already committed, at least tentatively, to headline 24 events for Senate candidates – 10 of which have already taken place – while he’s done four events benefiting nine House candidates. The memo mentions no planned events for individual House members.

White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, a powerhouse fundraiser who helped lead Democrats to the majority as chairman of the Democratic Congressonal Campaign Committee, hasn’t done an event for the DCCC, despite personal pleas from House Democrats that he do so.

Speaker Pelosi’s anger is unimpressive. But even worse are House members grumbling about this, most of whom haven’t stood up to the Speaker when they should of, which particularly includes the so called progressive caucus who Pres. Obama could care less about, because he’s already gotten what he wants from them, so in a game between Me and You and 2010, which for Obama extends to 2012, they’re odd men and women out.

Pres. Obama has always known Speaker Pelosi would use her power to help him out; on that there was never a doubt.

Besides, with many House districts in play tilting red, Pres. Obama doesn’t want the back wash to hit his brand. He’s gotten what he can get from them, so the rest is what it is.

You don’t get rewarded for loyalty to the president in Washington. See Tom Daschle or Greg Craig or… You get respected if you can do something for him.

… So many liberals seem shocked and dismayed that Obama is governing as a self-protective politician first and a liberal second, even though that is also how he campaigned.Politico

Needless to say, I’m not one of them.