Sen. Tom Coburn thinks we were all more free 30 years ago. That proves the point I’ve been making for months. For Republicans, freedom has absolutely nothing to do with women. Our individual rights are not only expendable, but irrelevant.

Watch the video as Sen. Klobuchar disabuses Mr. Coburn of his misogyny.

NRO’s Kathryn Lopez tweeted this yesterday:

When Nikki Haley was fighting to win the Republican nomination, I made it a point to say her politics weren’t mine, but that it was hard not to cheer for her. That’s because I understand what having a minority woman in the state house means broadly for women everywhere.

The right has no such vision. It’s part of the reason our country is not rising on economics, why we’re spending more blood and treasure outside the U.S. than inside, why we can’t tackle energy through vision, and why we’re stuck on the hamster wheel of mediocrity.