“Unmarried women, 70% of unmarried women, voted for Obama, and this is because when you kick your husband out, you’ve got to have big brother government to be your provider.”Phyllis Schlafly

Mrs. Schlafly strikes again.

I’ve been following the matriarch of the right-wing cliterati since my big brother debated her in Missouri back when I was a kid, he was a Mo. Republican state senator and one of several co-sponsors for the ERA amendment, and Mrs. Schlafly thought it would ruin women’s comfy spot in the firmament, because women would be peeing in stalls next to men. Yeah, I know, she’s crazy, and we go a long way back. Well, Schlafly is still nuts and the Republican Tea Party is embracing her with both arms.

Hey, but at least she’s not guilt tripping women who don’t want to get married or have children, of which I was a member until my husband swept me off my feet at a time in life when Susan Faludi said I was more likely to be killed by a terrorist. In her latest truth telling moment, Schlafly reveals the right’s stance on women in all its glory.

It’s not like this is out of the mainstream of Republican thinking. Remember the article on “Saint Sarah” in Newsweek recently?

[…] … The women who follow Palin will fight against Roe-and support adoption and prenatal health clinics-but they aren’t generally focused on birth control, sex education, or gender discrimination. They shrug at the agonies of the overeducated moms who feel forced to choose between work and family (no one had to do that on the farm), and they refute the idea that to succeed in the world a woman must look and act like a man. (“That Supreme Court nominee-I can’t relate to her at all,” Ruthie McIntosh, one of those who jumped to her feet at the Palin breakfast in Washington last month, told me.) These Christians seek a power that allows them to formally acquiesce to male authority and conservative theology, even as they assume increasingly visible roles in their families, their churches, their communities, and the world.

Without a husband to which a woman can acquiesce, we’re just not women. So, bitches, get busy and find a man, and if you’ve got one, get down on your knees and get busy acquiescing.

Maybe now you understand why Republicans were against the Lily Ledbetter Act Pres. Obama signed into law. Give women equal pay for equal work and the whole frickin’ family structure goes to hell in a hand basket. It destroys a a man’s masculinity, which requires a woman to be dependent, second class and subservient so they don’t get wild-eyed notions of their own powers. Can’t have that.

That sound you just heard is my husband’s loud guffaw. My strength makes him more masculine, which is revealed on his smiling face every damn day. He’s the biggest supporter of feminism I know.

This is why Sarah Palin announcing this year there was a “new conservative feminist movement” rising was so laughable. Feminism begins with respecting a woman’s freedom to orchestrate her life how she sees fit. Feminists like myself respect Palin’s life path, she and Phyllis Schlafly just don’t respect mine. The anti feminism in the Republican Tea Party revolves around denying women’s individual freedoms, while also making choices for women.

So, you single mothers who have children, with the father not present for whatever reasons, including those who have chosen to be mothers alone because the right mate hasn’t arrived and you’re running out of time, the jig is up. Culture is crapping out because of your ballsy independence from men. And we all know you wouldn’t be doing it without the gov-ment paying your bills, you lousy freeloaders.

Oh, and it’s all Pres. Obama’s fault, because we all know how black people are, right? They’re all about extending money to “welfare queens.” At least that’s the thinking of the 21st century Republican Tea Party.

Honest conservatives should come out a slap Mrs. Schlafly down and put her in her place, which resides somewhere in the mid-19th century. Of course, they won’t, which is why Republicans are a dying brand sucking off the teat of the Tea Party to stay alive.

But this is another example of why people are inspired to come home at election time. The thought of these fundamentalist wackos holding power in Washington scares the crap out of voters. Guess what? It should.