Sarah Palin is simply like Shakespeare.

To laugh or not to laugh?, that is the question.

Palin proving yet again that while being the first to benefit in the post-Hillary political era from the Hillary effect, she is indeed the quintessential anti-Hillary.

The dangers of tweeting unbound by advisors once again revealed, with more similarities growing between Sarah Palin and George W. Bush, which is really the most dangerous thing to develop for Palin. If the DNC and others were smarter about how they come at Palin, the best way to marginalize her is to Bushize her.

It all began with a tweet over a Ground Zero mosque, which has the right in rabid hysteria, which even led a Mayor Bloomberg aide to chime in and tell Sarah to “mind your business,” but then “deleted” the tweet, causing a minor kerfuffle, though once it’s launched a tweet can never actually be “deleted.”

“Peaceful New Yorkers, pls refute the Ground Zero mosque plan if you believe catastrophic pain caused @ Twin Towers site is too raw, too real.”

After Palin’s “refudiate” gaffe, the “moron” meme resurfaced with a vengeance (though “Palingates” is often hilarious). Palin simply using things Bush and Obama have said to illustrate the piling on she gets, though Bush was pilloried for his, something rarely seen on Obama’s side.

That’s because Obama’s intellectual prowess on policy and the issues, though lacking as a candidate, has expanded exponentially once in office. You can disagree with what he’s doing, the rightward tilt of his accomplishments and the fact that he’s taking Democrats and our politics to the right, but no one doubts his ability to expound in detail on the issues, often to a fault.

Oh, for the movement and pause before a keystroke. Sarah did the only thing she could after her “refudiate” gaffe, which once again revealed her Bush-esque tendencies, including on the inability for her to comment on depth in any forum on serious policy issues, whether domestic or foreign policy. Palin’s Bush-esqueness the most damaging angle for Democrats to mine, which is far more likely to be successful than the “moron” meme.

This Bush-esque resemblance should matter to Palin, because it’s dangerous for her political viability. It brings to mind something Republican strategist Mark McKinnon admitted today on “Morning Joe.” When talking about Palin and “will she or won’t she,” McCinnon said that there may come a time when the push from Sarah’s fans and supporters will be so great that it will become part of the political bloodstream so that running in 2012 will be her only choice. Her fans will demand it, which won’t sadden Sarah in the least.

Those of you who were Hillary supporters should recognize this phenomenon, because it was Clintonites that urged Hillary on until the end of the 2008 primaries, waiting for Obama to have the number of delegates needed for the nomination. They simply wouldn’t let her quit, even if it had become obvious she’d lost the nomination.

Supporters impact the energy of a campaign, as do hobbling references to a president who mangled the national language, then took it on tour to enforce the worst foreign policy in U.S. history, because he didn’t have the depth he needed on global issues.

Nothing could hurt Sarah more in 2012 than to be cloaked in Bush.