“When you look at how, not only Fox, but other media outlets – but we focus naturally, because we know how this has evolved with Fox – how many including, sometimes, our government is held hostage, mind you, by the fact that Fox and other media may run wild with snippets and misinformation and create a media frenzy based on half-truths, no-truths. […] “They can create what we just saw happen,” she said. “So I think it’s really incumbent upon the public to ask for fair reporting, objective reporting, and to not try to use scare tactics and fear tactics to create an outcome that furthers some right-wing political agenda.” – Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Black Caucus head: Government ‘held hostage’ by Fox and other media

Of course, Rep. Lee is correct. But people are rightly pissed off because the Obama administration stepped on his own messaging of good Nov. numbers, unemployment benefit extension, as well as financial “reform” (however weak), helping turn a one-day story into a cascading waterfall of drip, drip, drip. It’s not too much to ask that the Pres. of the United States have people who can perform basic human resources 101: get the facts before you fire someone.

It’s déjà vu all over again.

Blame the messenger.

Daring to tell it like it is, which is my job as a political analyst, Obamaophiles who can’t stand the truth dig into their Clinton Derangement files. They even stoop so far as to call Pres. Obama the “victim” in all this, while taking a page from Sean Hannity and the worst of the right:

You also have to wonder why Vince Foster found it necessary to blow his brains out in the park? – Imhotep

This type of comment is not allowed on this site, which the commenter knows and for other invectives has received multiple warnings in the past. This is the last.

People illustrate their ability to hate me all the time without using a Clinton derangement bank shot to bring up a dead man to do it. So, let’s up our game, shall we, folks.

But if you want to know why the Democratic Party is in trouble this November the above comment is exhibit A. Circling the wagons around Pres. Obama even when his administration has admittedly screwed up royally is what the loyalists do.

Don’t fire someone without all the facts seems like the bottom line criteria for a chief executive, let alone the President of the United States.

Here’s another comment by a yet another uncritical Obama loyalist, who when they can’t prove their case go back to derangement central.

I have’nt (sic) been on this sit in a long time(since the election I think) but clearly Taylor and her PUMAS still haven’t gotten over their primary loss! Sad! – Silo

This is so laughable and is disproved by a simple search effort, but these Obama loyalists can’t be bothered. They employ the same type of fact free attack that made Andrew Breitbart’s lynching of Ms. Sherrod possible. Truth is I lost colleagues and people I had dined with and considered friends, including several very large fundraisers, which I’m sure regulars remember, because I began supporting Mr. Obama the second Hillary conceded. Anyone who was around at the time knows what I called PUMAs, the “unhinged fringe,” which inspired caterwauling you wouldn’t believe.

I will continue to tell it as I see it, which includes talking about the Clintons when they’re in the news and it’s warranted, because contrary to Obamaphiles’ hopes, Bill and Hillary Clinton remain relevant. If you don’t like it find a spot to visit that doesn’t speak the truth out loud.

Having voted for Barack Obama in 2008, I don’t in the least regret that vote. However, to say I’m unimpressed with what he’s done with a Democratic majority is an understatement. Moving our politics right is something you expect when a Democratic president has a Republican Congress, not when he has a Dem majority, which is why even with GOP gains, Obama could thrive. As long as it keeps out the Tea Party and right-wing neocons I can live with it, though after seeing the White House step on their policy messaging I’m not betting Obama’s political team can accomplish squat at this point.

I’ve said this before, but let me say it again for the dense. The job I did in 2008 and earlier is a lot different from the one I do today. I’m not a blind partisan any longer. I hold no water for anyone, and while I am proud to have voted for Pres. Obama in 2008, and especially admire what First Lady Michelle Obama is doing in her role, but particularly respect former Pres. Bill Clinton and Sect. Hillary Clinton, I’d like to see more Charlie Crist-type mutinies from both big two parties, which have failed us all abysmally.

One comment from an Obama supporter who is not blinded by loyalty, but gets the damage caused by the Administration’s buggling is particularly important. His eyes focused on the damage to Democrats with this type of “leadership”:

… no, this is not “gratuitous and mindless Obama bashing.” These are concerns being voiced by Progressives such as myself, who worked very hard to get Obama elected, and now see a White House Political Office that is basically sacred to death of Beck and the Fox crowd, and so will just cave in to any nonsense thrown up by the Foxies. Do you seriously think that the Bush White House — if confronted with an “odious” piece of videotape concerning one of their employees, aired by MSNBC, would have thrown that employee out over the side within 24 hours of it being aired on MSNBC. Of course not — they would have battened down the hatches, circled the wagons (pick your metaphor) and stuck it out. It distresses me to see this White House without similar spine. But not really that surprising anymore, I’m afraid. I can’t wait to see how far Obama, and Rham, et al will crawl once the elections come, and the Democratic majority in Congress is reduced if not eliminated. Not very happy times ahead for us all on the Progressive side of the ledger, I’m afraid. – Licoln

We need more independent thinkers and a lot fewer Obamaphiles. Because it was the blind loyalists inside the Administration that botched the Sherrod sacking so badly.

Truth to power, baby.