Breitbart’s hot and Michael Steele has got him.

So, come one!

Come all you right-wing Republicans and bring your cash.

This is how Republicans play the game. No shame. No blinking. They embrace their inner wingnut with both arms and open doors hoping Mr. Breitbart will bring in boat loads of cash when he comes. Because in the end for them it’s all about winning and anyone who can help rally the troops to help them do it is okay in their book.

I’d like to say that the 21st century Democratic Party has illustrated its own inner fighter, but since the Supreme Court handed the 2000 election to Bush we haven’t seen enough of it.

…and as much as I appreciate the sentiments of E.J. Dionne today, I also can’t begin to express how mind-numbingly sick I am of hearing another “call to action” over the latest wingnut outrage.

You’d think after getting beat on messaging by Sarah Palin’s “death panel” cry from her Facebook page, which happened one year ago this coming August, there would be a Democratic war room already geared up to take on predictable attacks like Mr. Breitbart’s race-baiting character assassinations.

But, no, Democrats still believe you beat people like Breitbart and Karl Rove’s anonymously funded machine by being reasonable.

In fact, Shirley Sherrod didn’t even get a beer summit. What’s up with that?