The people who grab these videos for the web use the same cliches to title them. “Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Kirsten Powers on New Black Panther Case” says one of them; “Megyn Kelly schools lib pundit over New Black Panthers Party.” But why is she doing so many stories on the Panthers? It’s because Fox News uses the Panthers the way that Phil Donohue used to use the KKK or G.G. Allin. They’re good on TV. The difference between the Panthers and other freakish groups that look good on the air, of course, is that that they threaten white people. Megyn Kelly’s Minstrel Show, by David Weigel

See 2:45 in video

The right is slobbering over Megyn Kelly again. The argument is about the New Black Panther Case, as well as this video.

Squeals of “catfight!” tell you all you need to know. It’s the right’s idea of ideological mud wrestling between two smart, good looking women.

RedState salivates, “Megyn Kelly Spanks Kirsten Powers.” No cigarette provided.

“Most Awesome 10 Minutes in Fox News History,” is how “The Other McCain” characterized it, then went on to add color:

I’m sure King Samir Shabazz watched this and said to himself, “Crazy cracker bitches.”

Newsbusters stays calm simply asking: The Greatest 10 Minutes of Television Ever?

The invincible News Hounds does a rundown:

Andrew Breitbart’s website, “Big Journalism,” has this headline: DOJ Discrimination Scandal: Megyn Kelly Schools Liberal Pundit.” Another site, “Fire Andrea Mitchell, Stop the Leftist Propaganda Machine” claims that “Megyn Kelly Destroys Liberal Mouthpiece Kirsten Powers As Kirsten Powers Defends The New Black Panthers.” (ewww, scary black men). “American Power” (oh, don’t ya love that right wing machismo!) says “Megyn Kelly Eviscerates Kirsten Powers.” And that paragon of true white American manly patriotism, “Free Republic” has this thread: “Megyn Kelly DESTROYS Kirsten Powers On New Black Panther Case.” “Gateway Pundit,” a source used by Fox homophobes in their attacks on Obama Education Czar Kevin Jennings, claims that “Megyn Kelly Destroys Far Left Crank Kirsten Powers.” America’s favorite “anchor baby,” Fox fave, and defender of all things white and beautiful, Michelle Malkin was a little more subdued with ” ‘Have Your Facts:’ Megyn Kelly Vs. Kirsten Powers on NBBP Thug Case.” But Malkin had other more incendiary headlines such as “Whitewashing Black Racism, Shabazz, ‘Prepare For War’.” (ewww, scary black man).

I’m wondering, is it the billy club or the fact that the man holding it is an African American with long black hair? Reverse the race on each person in the video and I’m wondering what we’d have. Seems obvious to me.

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