[…] On the great American scourge of racism, this administration must stand, sometimes publicly, for something. Failing that it will fall–indeed, already has fallen–for anything.On Lacking All Conviction, by Ta-Nehisi Coates

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Mr. Olbermann hasn’t been this cogently outraged in over two years.

Couple that with Lawrence O’Donnell this morning, who laughingly said that the idea the Agriculture Dept. made the decision to fire Shirley Sherrod on their own is “inconceivable.” He also boiled the whole thing down to a nub: “Andrew Breitbart beat the White House.”

As for Gayle King, Obamaphile in chief, I have nothing but sympathy for her, because the more she talked today on “Morning Joe” the more ridiculously tone deaf she sounded. Though I’m sure the White House appreciates it, as they need all the help they can get since they didn’t have the courage to cut this story off the second they learned about the full story, it’s embarrassing to see anyone defend the indefensible.

It’s clear that the White House political shop hasn’t one clue how to do damage control.

…and good for Bill O’Reilly, who also came on air to make an unequivocal apology.

As for Ms. Sherrod, she wants to talk to Pres. Obama, from whom she believes she deserves a call, because he’s “not someone who has experienced some of the things I’ve experienced in life.” So, add Ms. Sherrod to the list of people who want to school Mr. Obama. He and his administration certainly could use it, though on race and class clashes it’s clear Pres. Obama and his people aren’t up to it.