Nothing much can be learned from the manufactured media uproar over Journolist, except as a case study of how the right-wing propaganda machine still dominates America’s daily narrative — and how conservative journalists remain astonishingly exempt from the standards they are pretending to uphold. Joe Conason

I’m not sure what Andrew Sullivan thinks he’s got on this one. He’s in an uproar over the latest Daily Caller Journolist dump that details the conversation about the rumors of Trig that Sullivan swallowed whole, which is a pretty decent way to drive traffic considering we’re heading into the dog days of summer. But he goes off the rails a little here on this one, proving Joe Conason’s point, even if Sullivan wasn’t mentioned in Joe’s piece.

One should say this, however: I have no way of knowing what the DC has omitted, and how it has shaped this information. The thread stops rather abruptly. Maybe there is context that adds to what we know. I do not trust in any way the ethics of the Daily Caller. Nonetheless, I was obviously not alone in those August days, when I was pilloried for saying out loud what the entire chattering class was saying in private.

Does it not occur to Mr. Sullivan that some things are better discussed in private if there is no evidence to substantiate what would be ramblings of an idiot confirmed through writings that are pure rumor and smear?

Sullivan damns the “liberal media.” But remember, this is the guy who didn’t make the case for Barack Obama on the merits, which after he won the nomination is exactly what the “liberal media” did, myself included, but instead made the case for Mr. Obama based on his face.

This is your liberal media, ladies and gentlemen: totally partisan, interested in the truth only if it advances their agenda, and devoid of any balls whatsoever. And people wonder how this farce of a candidate now controls one major political party and could well be our next president. One reason is that we do not have a functioning adversarial media uncorrupted by partisan loyalty and tactics.

Sullivan is freaked because he envisions “President Palin.” These latest emails of Journolist posted by Daily Caller have sent him over the edge. But he has more in common with Andrew Breitbart on the Palin-Trig story than he’d like to admit.

If Mr. Breitbart had talked on an email listserv about his Shirley Sherrod video maybe he wouldn’t have leaked a lying video that upended an innocent civil rights worker’s life.

The same goes for Sullivan on the Palin-Trig story, which to date he continues to trumpet, without any proof at all.