The story behind the screen capture above of the AP photo is what’s news today. Pres. Obama is slipping in one of the most important demographics you can have, women, and he’s going on a show that draws them in like few others. Midterms may depend on gaining them back.

Speaker Pelosi also got her pound of flesh from Pres. Obama after the last clash with the White House.

President Barack Obama’s endless summer of fundraising is heating up – with the addition of a big-money August house party to help out House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s imperiled Democrats, POLITICO has learned. Obama plans to headline an Aug. 16 fundraiser for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in Los Angeles – the first such appearance by the president on behalf of Pelosi since White House press secretary Robert Gibbs rankled House Democrats by suggesting they could lose their majority.

As I illustrated yesterday, the Democratic plan for midterms is very simple. Brand the Republican Tea Party as extreme, which isn’t hard. So, even after all the talk of “accomplishments,” that’s not what will do it for Democrats. The truth is that Obama and Democrats have squandered their majority terribly through compromise after compromise, so the best they’ve got is If you think we’re bad, the other guy is nuts. Marc Amdinder picked up the thread late yesterday.

As for things like “The View,” it won’t take much to boost Obama. Every point he gets puts Democrats closer to keeping the House. It’s not complicated, but it is critical.