Poor Ed, he just can’t get no respect. This is a constant cry for Mr. Schultz. It began when he targeted Hillary Clinton in 2007 for not going on his radio show, long before his TV spot on MSNBC. That Obama did provide access to Ed is likely why the guy endorsed him, then spent the rest of the primary season railing at Clinton, which is his right and choice. However, that he’s now surprised Pres. Obama isn’t paying attention shouldn’t shock him.

At Netroots Nation, Schultz took out after Pres. Obama. Now, Mr. Obama certainly deserves incoming, but let’s not pretend Schultz is doing this only out of righteous progressive indignation.

“They must have a war room at the White House. I think they’ve got a sissy room too,” Schultz said. “I didn’t vote for that.” Schultz said Democrats have failed to live up to their own platform passed at the Democratic Convention in 2008 and he challenged the activists and bloggers in the crowd: “If I’ve got the balls to say it, you better have the balls to write it.”

He said he supports primaries as needed to keep the party’s moral compass. “We have to do our vetting process. You’re either with us, or you’re against us in the progressive movement in America,” he said.

[…] He also complained that Obama hasn’t gone on his show or sat recently for interviews with Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, adding that during the campaign, “I busted my ass for Obama.” Schultz said that instead of going on The Ed Show, Obama went on Bret Baier’s show on Fox, “in my time slot. What’s that all about?”

Newsflash: Obama doesn’t need Olbermann, Maddow, who ignored LBJ to elevate the President, or you, Ed, he’s got you in the bag. However, at least Ms. Maddow has clout and has earned far ranging respect, which is why she gets asked to lunch. So, don’t pretend you’re in Maddow’s league, which is laughable.

This is what activists do not understand. You can never be stuck so tightly in a politician’s pocket that he or she knows in the end you will always support them no matter what. But because we only have the big two parties, there isn’t anyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. who believes anyone in the Democratic Party will stand up to Pres. Obama when push comes to the voting booth.

I’ve said it a million times, people always come home. When looking at Republicans, which is the only other choice, the thought of handing the agenda over to the less toxic of the Tea Party crew is repellent to all progressives.

I think that this administration is our administration and we need to work with them, whether it’s Congress or organizations that are trying to influence where they’re taking us with policy or what they’re doing with their budget. Having said that, however, it’s also an administration and a Congressional leadership that has to have thier feet held to the fire. The susceptibility of Washington D.C. sometimes is to err on the side of caution over and over again. And I think we’ve been overly cautious. – Rep. Grijalva

The administration is “our administration” is exactly what is wrong with Congress. But Mr. Grijalva, as strong as he is, doesn’t realize the power he has so can’t possibly use it. It also illustrates why the American people revile Congress. It’s no longer a separate and equal branch. It’s either a rubber stamp for the ruling party who has the presidency, or a block no vote for the minority. There is absolutely no separate but equal mentality at all.

Politicians need to show more independence, ala Charlie Crist, so that they’re tied to the voters who elect them on issue by the issue, not the political party that is funding them. Wouldn’t it be great if Rep. Alan Grayson went independent, too? I don’t expect it, but it would resonate, because it’s not like what he’s pushing is representative of the Democratic elite.

As for Ed Shultz ripping into Pres. Obama, it’s schtick. That he’s simultaneously whining about not getting an interview on MSNBC is predictable, but hardly impressive. Babe, you’ve been played. Quit bitching, you sound like a sissy.