How’s that stonewalling on unemployment benefits working out for you now, conservatives? On the heels of financial reform, even though it’s more talk than actual reform, Democratic approval jumps according to a new Gallup poll, even among independents (Republicans down 4 points, Democrats up 10). As for the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, well, they’re just helping make Republicans look even worse, though they’re likely the reason for the huge enthusiasm spike for Republicans over Democrats, the right leading 51% to 28%. So, regardless of the relatively good news, the “very enthusiastic” numbers should send chills down Democratic spines.

In the same week the U.S. Senate passed a major financial reform bill touted as reining in Wall Street, Democrats pulled ahead of Republicans, 49% to 43%, in voters’ generic ballot preferences for the 2010 congressional elections. – Gallup

I also wanted to share something that was quite priceless yesterday. On my Facebook page, a Tea Party enthusiast posted on my wall to invite me to join her group. It was a very sweet invitation, excitedly posted: Hope you’ll consider joining us Taylor. We got a great group going!!! My response is below:

Wow, Melissa. Are you nuts? I’m a LIBERAL, who has *many* complaints with Pres. Obama, most of which are because he’s moving our politics to the right. I will *never* vote for anyone or join any group who is against a woman’s individual freedoms. Not. Ever. !

Besides, Tea Party activists have *no* solutions and neither do Republicans; not to mention some of your people are wacky or down right racist.

In a another Facebook exchanged, I had reached out to a gal from Missouri asking to be friends.  She is an Obamaphile, which took me a while to find in Missouri, where I was born and raised and my big bro still resides, so I was interested to hear her response. It is below:

Hello from Missouri. Thanks for the add, but no thanks. I saw your blog and that was it for me.

I responded: heh-heh… Yeah, the truth tends to piss off Obamaphiles.

The people don’t judge “reform” the way political analysts like myself do, for which I have no doubt the Democrats are grateful. Action, however meager, is always better than no solution at all. It’s one reason why I’ve never been convinced Republicans will take over the House, though it’s certainly a long shot possibility, but also why I don’t think Pres. Obama is any danger for 2012 yet, though it’s equally clear it won’t be as easy as 2008, that’s for sure.

Republicans can squeal like stuffed piglets, but when it comes to presenting their, er… vision, they not only don’t have one, but the things that are needed in this country to help the people, like unemployment benefit extension, are seen as deficit busters, but tax cuts for wealthy are judged just fine.

People aren’t stupid, they get it.

Republicans are against everything, because it costs too much, even after being the ones who helped balloon the deficit under Bush.