Today is Chelsea Clinton’s wedding day.

Until seven and a half years ago, I didn’t know what that really meant. The supreme joy. The unbridled happiness of becoming a bride and to be given a chance through another avenue, this one because of one man’s bravery to take me on, of sheer, unadulterated, pure happiness. On my bedside table is a picture of the happiest moment in my life, which was on my honeymoon at a ridiculously opulent Carmel Valley, CA. establishment, where I’m laying across the huge bed in sweater and jeans, and holding a big goblet of champagne, as my new husband takes my picture. I was positively giddy through the whole insane affair, because I had never wanted to get married, because I have always been focused on changing my little corner of the world, a hard, tough, unrelenting journey to which I wasn’t about to doom a man. When you least expect it, sometimes good fortune smiles on you and gives you a gift. My husband is the greatest gift, beyond my God given talents, of my life.

I had the pleasure of seeing Ms. Clinton in action during the primaries, when Hillary finally gave in and let her campaign for her mother. Her style was not speeches, but in taking questions. She was simply remarkable.

So, on this very special day for Chelsea, my meditation for her is that she experience one-quarter of the bliss I experienced on my wedding day, which still fills me with such joy today when I get another moment to remember just how special it is to commit to one man for life.

…and on another note, get a load of these Porta-Potties (4-6 porta-potty trailers reportedly cost around $15,000), which are being used for Chelsea’s guests. This is going to be some wedding.