Nothing else needs to be said.

Now segue to Speaker Pelosi blasting Republicans on their efforts to privatize Social Security.

“Just five years ago, President Bush and his Republican allies pushed a risky plan to privatize and cut Social Security,” she said. “If they had succeeded, seniors would have lost trillions more in the financial crisis. At the time, Democrats and the American people said ‘no.’ And no one lost a penny in Social Security, even as America’s households lost more than $17 trillion in wealth.” […] “This year, Republicans are charting a course right back to the failed ideas of the past,” Pelosi said. “Again, Democrats and the American people are saying ‘no.’ We are not going back to the exact same agenda of the Bush years.” – The Hill

If you ask the American people, which Gallup has done, a majority want wealthy Americans to help save Social Security.

No doubt about it, the midterms have begun.