An email was forwarded to me by someone I trust who verified its legitimacy, which is posted below. It breaks your heart and personalizes BP’s marauding corporate malfeasance, as well the federal government’s flatfooted incompetence. It’s from someone living in Grand Isle, Louisiana, where Pres. Obama will make a stop to talk to residents today. It took our President 46 days to get there.

This is an environmental 9/11 for our nation. So, there is simply no other place Mr. Obama should be or should have been over these last 46 days and counting. In our globalized world, politicians have forgotten their primary responsibility. It is to this nation and the sacred land on which we live and share our habitat.

It got me rethinking many things.

I vote on foreign policy issues, especially for president. However, something is terribly wrong with the balance. It seems today that we are faster to give aid to countries around the world than we are to come to the aid of our own people. What we get from these nations that get our aid in return needs to be weighed more carefully. Watching and reading stories from people in the Gulf region, someone needs to start explaining why we’re spending so much money in aid to countries in place of our own nation. What’s in it for us? In many instances we’re not getting our monies worth. In fact, we’re getting insulted for the privilege.

Not even Mr. Hayward’s head on a plate would be enough. His op-ed in the Wall Street Journal is insulting. Nothing can make up for the criminal negligence of his lack of stewardship, incomprehensible greed, and the despicable tone deaf nature of his PR preening. If other BP executives have any heart at all they will get him off the stage and stick him in an undisclosed location for the duration.

The email below is being posted anonymously for privacy reasons. These people have been through enough.

As a result of the oil spill the town of grand isle is apprehensive to say the least. The mood of both residents and non- resident camp owners is sadness, fear, anger, distraught, helplessness, and the unknown factor. BP and our federal gov’t’s response has been casual and with a lack of urgency.local officials are frustrated with federal bureaucracy red tape in getting answers and assistance. many questions remain unanswered. how long will their lives be in turmoil?

The entire island community revolves around the seafood and tourist industry. Consequently the grand isle municipal tax base is eroding and property values are plummeting. the town is in a financial crisis. will the people affected be made whole by BP? what is BP’S definition of “making whole”. will they reimburse victims for their losses this year or perhaps 5 to 10 years for residual damage? This is the unknown factor. how do you place a price tag on our children and grandchildren being deprived from enjoying fishing and crabbing. the answer is no amount of money is adequate.

On a personal note i feel a sense of sadness for all the people who can not experience the joy of fishing and crabbing on Louisiana’s only coastal beach. many camp owners, myself included, have lost rental income due to cancellations as a result of the oil spill. …

Now we prepare for oil to make land in Florida. After that, we wait to see if it indeed travels up the Atlantic coast.

We need more people to help along the Gulf Coast and across into Florida. It should be all hands on deck, including Coast Guard, Navy, you name it. Anyone could help with absorbent boom placement and anchoring.

After 46 days, the federal government is still floundering. The sheer incompetence is overwhelming.

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