The exploding head version to match the Turkish ambassador’s offensiveness can be found in Charles Krauthammer’s column today.

Turkey meets the Israeli government stupidity, then raises them using a historically incendiary phrase.

In an unfortunate turn of phrase, the Turkish ambassador to Washington twice said Friday that the terrorist group Hamas is a necessary and important part of the “final solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. […] “For a final solution, you cannot ignore Hamas. That’s what we are saying,” said Ambassador Namik Tan. “This is not the first time that we are trying to bring this into the discussion. We have told this to the Israelis, to our American friends, to our international interlocutors, everyone. How could you imagine a final solution without Hamas?”

Everyone in the Middle East has gone mad.

We’re caught in the middle.

The American right, on whatever political side you see it, is now engaged in a race to the bottom, which is tribalism on steroids. It’s an affliction that means supporting Israel no matter what they do, no matter how outrageous their behavior, even when it could end up costing the US every other ally we’ve got, including those helping us to fight Islamic extremism. Exhibit A for this condition is Liz Cheney, who has released a statement. It’s preening neoconservatism talking points.

There is no reasoning with leaders on either side of the flotilla disaster, or the ones caught in the throes of derangement, though the Obama administration continues to try. Frankly, we should wash our hands of it, as there is no evidence whatsoever that we can appease either parties. Turkey wants us to condemn Israel, which Obama will not do; and Israel expects unquestioning support, even when they dig in against an independent investigation. Can there be any doubt they’re even afraid of their own report after Goldstone landed with such a resounding slam?

David Ignatius quotes Chas Freeman: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” Where we are concerned, nonsense. Israel is being an irresponsible partner to the U.S. We are getting nothing for our allegiance. There should be consequences to such insulting, disrespectful arrogance by the Netanyahu government.

One thing is real and that is that Israel has to deal with Hamas at some point. They have committed terrorism, but thanks to George W. Bush, they are also elected.

On the other hand, playing the other side, how can Israel engage Hamas when they are still holding Israeli Staff Sergeant Gilad Shalit? On that note, Peter Beinert suggests freeing Shalit to free Gaza. It’s a provocative look at an unending nightmare.

Israeli propaganda minister Ambassador To The U.S. Michael Oren is in comfortable surroundings on Hugh Hewitt, but didn’t add anything I couldn’t have scripted beforehand. But he did concede one thing: We agree that we’d like to find a better way of denying Hamas rockets. If the Secretary of State has ideas about how that might be done, we would be very, very happy to hear them. And we’ll be anxious to hear her suggestions.

The U.S. should simply step back. We won’t, but we should. Let’s see how well Israel fairs without us playing mediator for a while. We’ve given Israel aid without condition. Democrats and Republicans plan U.S. Middle East policy, only after crafting Israel into the picture. But still we get no respect or deference from our friend Israel. On nuclear weapons, Israel stands outside the common purpose for a nuclear free Middle East, because they need “defensive” weapons, which our leaders condone. There is no reason we should and considering that the Netanyahu-Lieberman government is flouting our efforts at peace, because they’re not interested in it, including pleas from the Obama administration to use caution when engaging the flotilla headed for Gaza, we should simply let Israel handle this issue on their own. They’re a grown, independent nation of great means.

As for Turkey, who is a very valuable friend, the U.S. should denounce the language being used by the Turkish ambassador.

Diplomacy in shambles.

Pres. Obama should stay in the Gulf where he can do some real good. There’s nothing to salvage in the Mideast right now.