Pelosi’s politics is one thing, but drenching it in religion is another.

We need less of this in American politics.

Having the Democratic Speaker of the House genuflect to the Catholic Community Conference on Capitol Hill simply brings back Pelosi inviting bishop representatives in to help write portions of the health care bill.

As a rebel Episcopalian, with my focus on spiritual meditation more than traditional participation, I fully understand the importance of private faith or the intellectual struggles surrounding the journey of doubt.

However, women in America do not benefit from such religious groveling. The Catholic Church being one of the most patriarchal, misogynistic, felonious representatives of the faithful, not to mention unjust, that has ever been given sway in American politics. The more Democrats align with patriarchal religious institutions the worse it is for American women, because we all know women cannot count on the right.

As we continue to fight in Afghanistan against fundamentalist religious fanatics, but also elsewhere around the world, it’s stunning that leading politicians continue to be so clueless of the harm traditional religions do to women across the globe, but also the harrowing message they continue to send to American women, circa the 21st century.