It’s great that BP is putting $20B in escrow, plus other funds to pay for the blow-out that was authorized on Pres. Obama’s watch. But oil continues to pour into the Gulf, with Obama having no containment plan in sight.

This is going to put the “Obama choir Can Do No Wrong” crowd off their coffee, I know, but someone has to remind the loyalists that this isn’t about defending Barack Obama. It simply isn’t the most important issue in what’s unfolding in the Gulf, though you wouldn’t know it by some of the outbursts online, as well as on cable news.

In fact, people are more incensed by the latest PR gaffe by BP’s chairman using the words “little people” than they are about Pres. Obama’s lack of competence to roust the power of his presidency and the federal government to accomplish job one right now, which is to contain the oil.

Activist and reader texan4hillary had insomnia last night and posted Keith Olberman’s DailyKos adieu “In the News.” Keith is fed up with the personal attacks he’s getting and is packing it in over there. Dear Keith, Welcome to my world. I knew you’d experience what started happening to me several years ago (and continues) eventually. My advice: ignore the “Obama Can Do No Wrong” choir. Glad to have you back on the reality side of telling it like it is, though I wish you hadn’t been so defensive about it last night. Hey, but I do understand.

It reminds me of a comment I got from an Obama die hard recently on my Facebook page when I clearly posted results from a polling firm, which this person took as my own words. The immature review went like this: You really don’t like Obama… Like? At this late stage in a catastrophe that has caused an ecological and environmental holocaust, the Obama choir is playing high school popularity games and talking about their “faith” in the President. Some of my emails look the same way, with people aghast that I’m not cheerleading at a time when there’s little to cheer.

I’m all for “faith” in someone, but I’d like a little action that actually deals with the problem at hand. When it doesn’t come after 58 days, well, it’s time for a little Harry Truman.

Pres. Obama still hasn’t addressed how to contain the millions of gallons of oil, with no plan in sight from the federal government. This is his job. It is astonishing to any person with an independent mind who is more interested in rescuing what we can in the Gulf rather than saving the Obama aura.

I addressed the need for supertankers and other elements weeks ago when I laid out what needed to be done that Obama wasn’t doing, with the help of industry experts, while TV anchors and their guests didn’t say squat.

As you sit here reading these words, oil continues to pour into the Gulf, without Pres. Obama announcing one single approach that differs from what hasn’t worked since day one. If you want to add further injury in presenting more reality, industry experts have said from the start, whether it’s Matthew Simmons or the ones I’ve engaged, that this blown well may not be capped for months, maybe not at all.

Dylan Ratigan said it again today on “Morning Joe,” as Mike and Joe tried their best to play PR defense for the President and his administration. Whatever can be said, the containment plan, well, there isn’t an effective one in place even today.

This is Pres. Obama’s job and his responsibility. His incompetence in not pulling out all the stops to at least suck the oil out of the Gulf is crisis management malpractice.

It’s tremendous news BP is going to pony up some real cash.

But what’s Pres. Obama going to do about containing the oil that continues to spew into the Gulf at a rate that rises every few days with new estimates of the horror given, with no end in sight?