Diplomacy takes a hit.

Meanwhile, Rep. Barney Frank calls for a probe of the raid, also saying “as a Jew” Israel’s action “makes me ashamed that there would be Jews that would engage in that kind of victimization of a minority.” What courage that took. It’s a remarkable statement.

So is the one made by Vice Pres. Joe Biden, playing pitbull for Israel.

“[The Israelis have] said, ‘Here you go. You’re in the Mediterranean. This ship — if you divert slightly north you can unload it and we’ll get the stuff into Gaza.’ So what’s the big deal here? What’s the big deal of insisting it go straight to Gaza? Well, it’s legitimate for Israel to say, ‘I don’t know what’s on that ship. These guys are dropping eight — 3,000 rockets on my people,'” Biden said.

Turkey is also not at all pleased with Pres. Obama’s response so far to the Israeli violence. But given Steny Hoyer’s adamant statement that the Administration and Congress “are determined to prevent condemnation of Israel at the UN Security Council,” I doubt if anything will change the status quo. You know, because it’s worked so well over the years.

Laura Rozen on the likelihood that the Iran sanctions vote will be pushed:

The Obama administration had been planning to bring a new Iran sanctions resolution to a vote at the UN Security Council on Thursday, but diplomatic sources said the vote is no longer likely to take place this week. …

… But Turkish officials made no secret of their fury at the Israeli raid on the Gaza aid flotilla that killed four Turkish citizens early Monday, and their irritation at the Americans for their muted reaction to the incident. Turkey is among the ten non-permanent members of the Security Council. […]

“We would like them to issue a condemnation of the attack, and to show solidarity with the people who lost their lives,” Davutoglu said. “Israel is isolating themselves from all of their friends. … With each of these actions, [Israel] is saying they are above the law, and ‘we are not accountable,'” he continued.

[…] Sources close to Ankara said a meeting between Davutoglu and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday did not go very well. …

This gave Elliott Abrams a chance to unleash a stem winder of an article that spews venom towards Pres. Obama at every paragraph. Abrams is also upset that the Administration joined the Security Council’s condemnation of the “the acts leading to this tragedy,” which doesn’t mention Israel specifically, but keeps it broad to include all parties.

Abrams even goes so far as to fantasize the flotilla aggression as Israel’s “Blackhawk Down,” one of the most preposterous comparisons I can imagine making. That is until Abrams suggests that because of Obama it’s “open season” on Israel.

Israelis see clearly the problems they face when the United States is calling for another international investigation and will not defend Israel. They understand that no one is going to investigate Turkey and its role, nor investigate the pro-terror groups on board those ships-not if the United States fails to insist on it. They realize that, thanks to the Obama policies, it is now open season on Israel in Europe and at the UN. They speak candidly (Israelis of the left, center, and right, not just Likud supporters) in private about all these problems, but they cannot speak openly about them, not when they may have the Obama administration to deal with for six and a half more years. They wonder most about whether their friends see their predicament, and will speak up for them even when they must-to retain a working relationship with the White House-remain silent or speak very carefully. So this crisis is not only a test for Israel, which faces difficult weeks ahead, and for the Obama administration, which in fact has already failed. It is a test for Israel’s supporters, facing the combined onslaught of the news media (from BBC coverage to New York Times editorials), scores of governments, UN bureaucrats, and a White House that views excessive solidarity with Israel as a diplomatic inconvenience. The United States abandoned Israel in the United Nations and in the NPT Conference in the course of one week. Israel’s friends in the United States should say so, say it was shameful, and gear up for a long fight.

This is the kind of drivel we get coming from the Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

MJ Rosenberg has it right when he says “the Israel-can-do-no-wrong crowd is on overdrive defending the operation.”

If only defending Israel was their only goal. They hope to use their propaganda to take Pres. Obama down as they do it.