UPDATE (10:56 pm): Politico, then AP, call it for Blanche Lincoln with 51%, Halter 49%. Also Orly Taitz wins nomination for CA Sect. of State. Yes, indeed, William Jefferson Clinton is still relevant.

UPDATE (10:04 pm): Big Dawg still relevant? Don’t look now, but Blanche Lincoln may pull this out. See Nate Silver.

UPDATE (9:52 pm): AP declares a runoff between Nikki Haley and Gresham Barrett on June 22; Haley, despite sexist smears came in first tonight.

It’s going to be quite a night. There’s the Arkansas Senate runoff, the South Carolina, Nevada, Iowa and California gubernatorial primaries, Nevada Senate primary, South Carolina 4th, and Virginia 5th district primary for Perriello, to name a few. Chris Cilizza has more.

Poll closings begin at 7 pm eastern time, with Arkansas closing at 8:30 pm eastern. California polls don’t close until 11 pm. Nevada is at 10 pm.

Sarah Palin did a robocall for Carly, hoping to get her into the race against Sen. Boxer, which would be some fight, neither woman afraid to throw a political punch.

In the midst of this for Washington National fans, Stephen Strasburg makes his debut at around 7:00 pm. Exciting moment in baseball.

While the New Orleans Saint are raffling off a Super Bowl ring hoping to raise $1 million for the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Venice, La. Way to go, Saints!

For the big Arkansas battle, check out the local blogs here, here, here, here, and here.

Now we wait.. … What’s your election night drink tonight? If Halter wins it will be Tequila Silver shots at our place.