“We will not be silent about this,” (Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu) said. “We expect the United States to show solidarity with us. . . . I am not very happy with the statements from the United States yesterday.”Turkish foreign minister: Israeli raid on Gaza aid flotilla ‘like 9/11’ for his country

Israel is serving Hamas’ interests better than Hamas itself has ever done, comes from an article in Haaretz today. Anyone not understanding just how badly Israel has hurt themselves in the eyes of the world doesn’t get the politics of this fiasco. If you’re not enraged by the stupidity of the Israeli government in handing this piece of propaganda to her enemies, then you’re too naive to be in this debate.

The Turkish ship Mavi Marmara was no Exodus. It carried not Holocaust survivors but provocateurs, many of them extremists. But a series of baseless decisions on the part of the prime minister and the ministers of defense and of strategic affairs turned the Marmara into a Palestinian Exodus. With a single foolish move, the Israeli cabinet cast the Muslim Brotherhood in the role of the victim and the Israel Navy as the villain and simultaneously opened European, Turkish, Arab, Palestinian and internal Israeli fronts. In so doing, Israel is serving Hamas’ interests better than Hamas itself has ever done.

[…] During the 2006 war in Lebanon I concluded that my 15-year-old daughter could have conducted it more wisely than the Olmert-Peretz government. We’ve progressed. Today it’s clear to me that my 6-year-old son could do much better than our current government. Even a child would have seen the imbalance in the risk-threat assessment in overpowering the flotilla ships. Any smart kid would understand that you don’t sacrifice what is important for what is not. But the cabinet did not understand. Under the leadership of Netanyahu, Barak and Ya’alon it came to a patently unreasonable decision. It was a decision of complete fools.

Meanwhile, the American right reveals why our Middle East policy is where it is today and why criticism in the face of obvious carnage that should never have happened is met with such deranged spin. Think Progress compiled a good example of the apologists for the IDF’s indefensible actions:

ISRAELI FOREIGN MINISTER AVIGDOR LIEBERMAN: “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza. … The flotilla is an attempt at violent propaganda against Israel, and Israel will not allow the violation of its sovereignty at sea, in the air, or on land.”

MICHAEL OREN, ISRAELI AMBASSADOR TO THE U.S.: “Over one hundred trucks, every day, laden with food and medicine go into Gaza. There’s no shortage of food. There is no shortage of medicine.”

NEWT GINGRICH: “There was no humanitarian crisis; this was a deliberate political effort on the part of people who want to try to undermine the survival of Israel.”

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: “What exactly is the humanitarian crisis that the flotilla was actually addressing? There is none. No one is starving in Gaza.”

Amidst it all picture Sect. Clinton in full friend damage control, as she talks to national leaders around the world to keep an international diplomatic assault on Israel to keep from manifesting.

The the New York Times is reporting the Israeli propaganda being piped through U.S. airwaves non-stop might be different from reality. It won’t make Clinton’s job any easier.

In the American game of “who can be more pro-Israel,” Rep. Weiner scores points.

Sarah Palin, well, her view of Turkey is just bizarre.

Robert Gibbs today: US & Israel “have a trusted relationship” and “we are greatly supportive of their security and that is not going to change.” That is hardly the issue on what happened this weekend.

Beyond this there are relevant questions that no one will ask, let alone answer: Which alliance is more critical to U.S. national security, Israel or Turkey?

Can we be Israel’s steadfast ally, but when she’s acted foolishly weigh in, because our alliances with other nations depend on our frankness to our friend?

There were many ways to handle the flotilla exchange. Israel chose the most extreme, which fueled its enemies, and put its friends in an untenable position. Nobody wins.