Rand Paul, meet your political bookend, Sherry Angle.

Who is she? She wants to be a Nevada senator, but she may instead help to re-elect Harry Reid.

Angle’s idea of prison reform is for “female inmates to enter a drug rehabilitation program devised by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, an idea she still defends.”

This is one time I’m cheering for the Club for Growth, which along with the Tea Party, is slowly but surely pushing the Republican Party off the political cliff.

From Huffington Post:

“I am the tea party,” said Angle, a 60-year-old former Nevada lawmaker.

With early voting under way for the June 8 primary, Angle has nearly erased Lowden’s double-digit lead in recent polls, thanks in part to endorsements from the Tea Party Express and other conservative groups, including the anti-tax Club for Growth. Lowden, a former state senator, has stumbled after she suggested people might barter for health care using chickens and she faced financial questions about the use of a leased bus.

Club for Growth began airing an ad statewide Wednesday that calls Angle a fiscal conservative and common-sense fighter and argues that Lowden supports huge spending increases and that she backed Reid.

The Tea Party candidates of 2010 remind me of kids at a day care center with no supervision. They’re sort of like wacky Jim Traficant, without the mainstream facade.

Hey, and speaking of Rand Paul, since firing his campaign manager and shaking up his staff, he’s been awfully quiet. The good news for Paul is that he’s cemented his base; the bad news is that he needs independents to win and they’re not so sure about him right now.