Just wondering, but has anyone seen the EPA anywhere since BP’s blowout? We’ve got the head of the woman who “inherited” the mess at MMS, about which Pres. Obama didn’t even know the details when he did his press conference. However, the Environmental Protection Agency is MIA.

For the Republicans this is mission accomplished. That Democrats continue to allow it’s emasculation, as fisherman and workers in clean-up crews fall ill is political malpractice.

But looming beyond Pres. Obama’s political catch up is a lake of oil that no one is talking about, though I wrote about it when the story broke. It has been described as 6 miles wide and 22 miles long, at a depth of 3,300 ft. The first to mention this “massive plume of oil” on cable was Dylan Ratigan, once again having Matt Simmons on his show.

Right now everyone is dealing with what’s in front of them, none of it pretty.

Matt Simmons said today that NOAA only today took a boat out to survey the massive lake of oil, which didn’t just appear. Why weren’t they there earlier?

And someone still has to explain why tankers aren’t being sent to the Gulf to help suck up the oil.

Pres. Obama didn’t add much today, frankly, because it’s just so late for him to show he’s engaged, especially when he wasn’t even aware of the details of the head of MMS stepping down. The irony of being in charge while not knowing something so important was lost on the President. Let’s hope he made the people of Louisiana and the wider Gulf region feel better. At least he interjected some humanity into the dreadful situation that goes well beyond the “top kill” efforts of BP.

Something awful is lurking beyond.

There is a lake of oil that foreshadows something potentially very grave yet to break. In fact, Mr. Simmons, who has been right on everything so far, said it could be that BP is actually working on a smaller leak, while the real damage lurks at another point BP hasn’t even bothered to turn their attention to yet.

Pres. Obama tried very hard to instill confidence in the federal government, but also the work of BP, while he took responsibility. However, just today on air BP representatives talked about 30 acres of wetlands, which a Florida University scientist on MSNBC said was actually at least 3,000 acres. Be careful what you believe from BP. By now we should all have learned they are not to be trusted. That Pres. Obama continues to put his faith in them is the most troublesome detail to date.