…He’s spending the holiday weekend in Chicago when he should be commemorating Memorial Day here with the families of troops killed in battle and with veterans at Arlington Cemetery. […] … F.D.R. achieved greatness not by means of imposing his temperament and intellect on the world but by reacting to what the world threw at him. […] … Instead of getting Bill Clinton to offer Joe Sestak a job, Obama should be offering Clinton one. Bill would certainly know how to gush at a gusher gone haywire. Let him resume a cameo role as Feeler in Chief. The post is open.Maureen Dowd

No one is more acerbically banal than Maureen Dowd when she is lobbing word bombs at Bill Clinton. She’s made a living doing it for a long time. So to read her not only praising Bill Clinton, but suggesting Pres. Obama offer him a job to save his cold self is startling. It’s like waking up in an alternate universe finding out Hillary is president and the country is powered by nukes.

…and if that’s not enough for you, get a load of Frank Rich today. The New York times headline asks and answers a question many people are positing: Obama’s Katrina? Maybe Worse. Unfortunately for Rich, the reality that Pres. Obama hasn’t a clue what to do caused his column today to turn into a word puzzle of contorted political panic. Rich isn’t sure how to blame Bush-Cheney, while reconciling that Pres. Obama foolishly didn’t launch his own task force, as I explained yesterday through the aid of oil experts, just in case BP did what they do best, fail utterly.

I could care less about comparisons, Katrina or otherwise. I’ve been railing from the start that Pres. Obama and the feds had no plan beyond putting BP on point, then applying the hope rule. It was a colossal mistake that is compounded by the gravity of the situation.

But if Maureen Dowd is praising former Pres. Bill Clinton, while Frank Rich is having a rhetorical breakdown, I’d say Pres. Obama’s political grace time is fast approaching empty.