To all the men and women serving our Armed Forces, but also the families who support them and do without, a grateful nation can never repay your sacrifice.

picture via Huffington Post

For those of you following the BP blowout catastrophe, I’ve got a post up on Huffington Post, which is worth a read. On a personal note, I can’t help but wonder what my late brother-in-law might have to say about the current BP calamity. I come from a point of knowledge and interest on what’s happening in the Gulf. Anyway….

Consider this a topic free for all, anything goes. Anyone having comments on the Israel – Freedom Flotilla carnage can post them here.

One interesting political note on DADT.  Bill Browning has a copy of an email reportedly sent out to “Troops.” Via Browning the upshot is, as I wrote when the news first broke of a “deal,” that DADT repeal is anything but sure.

Secretary of the Army John McHugh and Army Chief of Staff Gen George W. Casey sent an e-mail to troops over the weekend about Congress’ “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal compromise. The legislation, which has been passed by the House and a Senate subcommittee, would give McHugh_Casey.jpgauthority to repeal DADT to the President, the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, and the Secretary of Defense after the military issues a formal report in December.

In the e-mail, McHugh and Casey complain about Congress’s efforts to repeal DADT, saying, “such an action taken before the men and women of the Armed Forces were consulted could be seen as a reversal of our commitment to hear the views of our Soldiers and Families before the law was repealed.”

They go on to implore soldiers to tell others to “resist that urge to think that this is a ‘done deal’.” They hint strongly that Congress’ actions aren’t important since the military has to sign off on the repeal as well. The two also ask officers to tell “your soldiers and your Families [sic]” that “the current law remains in effect. […]

The floor is yours on this holiday. Whatever is on your mind… while I share my Memorial Day art that is flown from our balcony, no matter where we reside. What is not seen, because if would hit the flora, is a section of the art where “WE THE PEOPLE” is emblazoned. Memorial Day should be a moment in time where people reflect on this primal force. Let the people rein.